How App Developments Can Show Us the Future

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Apps are a good indication of where technology is heading. By analyzing what apps bring to the table, we can see where the future of gaming technology – and, indeed, apps designed to add convenience to our lives can show us what might come next in the way of new technology. Harnessing the technology of tomorrow through apps could give users a taste for what may be to come and allow them to become early adopters as they’ll be familiar with the technology already.

Virtual and Augmented Realities

Pokémon Go is probably the most famous app to utilize augmented reality as you wander around your own environment attempting to capture Pokémon that appear onscreen. This has been developed further for Animal Crossing and Harry Potter versions of the game. Zombies, Run is another game that utilizes both realities. The game syncs music to a running app – and every so often inspires you to run faster by showing zombies approaching. The app is designed to add excitement to fitness while analyzing your surroundings. Live casino online, such as live roulette with William Hill, also shows how the technology could be further enhanced to add augmented reality experiences to traditional games that fans already engage with. The use of augmented reality shows that inflexions of it can be added to other realms of technology to enhance the way things are done or just how things look.     

Integrated Machine Learning

Linked to different realities in apps is the rise in apps that help towards protecting your home and making life simpler. These apps work by sharing data with other devices, such as smart meters, lights, and cameras in order to work independently to either secure your home or perform basic tasks remotely. Piper is a smart app that allows you to see a panoramic view of your house and alerts you to unusual motion. The Nest app allows you to change the temperature of your thermostat, which can be beneficial if you’re arriving home to a colder house than you left. PlantLink uses several kinds of data collection and machine learning to water garden plants remotely. It monitors moisture levels in the soil and creates a watering schedule and allows you to water plants through your smartphone.

The future of technology – as shown by the apps – is for apps to communicate with other aspects of technology to enhance our surroundings. Whether this is servers and satellites that harness location information or live streams that show what is happening in one location, or even use more enhanced technology to bring in another piece of data from elsewhere. Apps allow users to connect with new developments in technology to show developers what might work and to bridge the gap with how things work now and how things may work in the future. By using something that comes so naturally to us with our smartphones, complex technology can be hugely simplified and create a better relationship with the users of technology and the tech they will be using.    


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