Broken Links on Your Website: How to Deal With the Challenge

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Nothing is as annoying to users as hitting a dead end with a certain link. This is common, and most people can attest to experiencing it. As a website owner, it is paramount to understand more about this issue even before you hire a  conversion optimization company to improve your website’s visibility. Ensuring that there are no 404 errors will facilitate the achievement of your digital marketing goals and consequently produce more sales.

Causes of a Broken Link

According to experts, numerous factors can cause an active link to fail and display a 404 error every time people click on it. What makes it worse is when there are numerous backlinks from other sites. It means that more people are getting disappointed, and the earlier it is rectified, the better. Common causes include the following:

  •         The owners have linked an invalid URL for the link.
  •         The linked webpage no longer exists or is removed from the website.
  •         The linked webpage has been moved.

In most cases, SEO efforts may not be affected by a broken link. However, experts usually mention that it can severely affect the experience of potential clients.

How to Know That a Link Is Broken

As the website owner, it is crucial to make sure that all is well on your website. Today, you can have either software or a plugin that checks for such errors. Google Search Console also helps people to check the details of a broken link and is a reliable option to follow.

Better still, letting a professional manage your website will make it easy to detect when there is a broken link or 404 error. The expert checks the website in real time and avoids the mistakes mentioned above in the first place.

How to Deal With Broken Links

The best solution for broken links is to avoid them in the first place. It is recommended that you do not delete pages or move them if you are enhancing the page. You never know if someone will be directed to that link from another website. The recommended solution is to update the information and refresh the page. The URL still remains the same while the information is the most up to date.

If you need to correct an error that is already there, have a professional do so. The professional usually creates 301 redirects to where the page has been moved. After assessing the situation, other methods may be advised by the expert.

When the experts are creating the 301-redirect page, they exercise caution to make sure that no character is missing because the whole redirect can become invalid. HT files have been used successfully to correct 404 errors and broken links.


Whether your website is new or has been live for a long time, checking for broken links will ensure optimum performance for visitors. Upon detecting such an error, an immediate remedy will ensure smooth browsing by all the potential clients.


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