Cryptocurrency and Casinos: The Next Big Leap For Altcoins

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Veteran gamblers will often complain that online casinos like 7Bit Casino are only popular with young people because they don’t provide the same level of gaming interaction and competitiveness that players experience at a real life casino. However, as the internet takes over every facet of our lives and industries, online gambling has seen an unprecedented surge in popularity, while land-based casinos have seen their revenue decline. You can now experience the real thrill of a packed casino in the comfort and security of your own home; why would many players bother travelling to a real life casino at all? Real life casinos have finally conceded that the internet is here to stay, and are now trying to get in on the action by exploring the use of cryptocurrency in their establishments. With that being said, if you would like to learn more about some of the different casinos that now accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, you can take a look at this list of recommended Bitcoin casinos.

(Ad) As reported by, studies have shown that a properly implemented online gambling component can seriously boost a casino’s player base. It can attract new, millennial customers who are completely at ease with betting on sites and using Bitcoin and altcoins (the term used to describe every cryptocurrency that isn’t the original big hitter, Bitcoin) to gamble. Further proof of this harmonious integration can be seen with land-based casinos acceptance of Bitcoin and altcoins as legitimate gambling currency. Cryptocurrencies are already big news in online gambling, and have been dominating the space for the last couple of years. They provide security and flexibility for an industry that has the potential to be anything but; they also provide anonymity and rapid transactions, both of which are key in the fast, high stakes world of online gambling.

So how close are we to being able to walk into a casino armed only with a smartphone and an online wallet stuffed with Bitcoins? Well, closer than you might think. Bitcoin, altcoins and gambling make surprisingly good companions, and have been cementing their relationship in the online arenas. Many casino owners can see the obvious benefits of gambling with cryptocurrencies, and are also keen to capture the attention of a younger generation of tech-savvy gamblers.

The main advantage that casinos will be willing to exploit is that cryptocurrencies make gambling faster; therefore there’s more money to be made. It also conserves space, making it so that players don’t have to carry a big collection of chips or winnings. It’s also more secure; Bitcoin especially has proven to be particularly robust when it comes to security, and other altcoins seem keen to follow suit. There is very little chance of either a player or a casino owner being defrauded when it comes to cryptocurrencies, as every transaction is recorded as part of a peer-to-peer network.

Altcoins have already started to completely dominated the online gambling space, and savvy casino owners are looking to incorporate cryptocurrencies into their land-based operations in order to stay relevant. As technology advances and more and more transactions take place through the internet, digital currencies will start to dominate financial proceedings, and those casinos which don’t accommodate them are sure to be left behind. While the battle for players rages on between the online gambling world and the real-life casinos, the ultimate winner is ultimately going to be the one that mixes the best of both worlds.


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