Hottest Apps of this Year that You Simply Must Have

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There are lots of apps on the internet to download. But you can’t certainly download everything unless you’re sure that what you’re downloading will serve your purpose. And then there are space constraints on mobile devices. It is always good to free up clutter on your smart phone or tablet to make the UI look neat and organized. So in the end, it boils down to the apps you really need on your mobile device.

And now that you can’t survive with a mobile device that doesn’t make your life easier, isn’t it time to learn about some apps that kick-start your day and end it on the same note?


Coach me is an app that is dedicated to teaching everything you’d like to know under the sun. It also helps you stay on the right track by keeping you encouraged all the way until you can achieve your goal.

If you want to learn the tricks of gambling for instance, Coach me will have an area dedicated for those interested in this topic. A pro will also be assigned to help you with sound strategies of placing a bet. In fact, this would be a good starting point before you proceed to join the Euro Palace mobile casino for gaming on the go.

Combine Coach me with Hopper

At some point when you’re financially ok, you will need to plan a vacation. Gamblers who make a living out of their career make enough to take a vacation at a distance destination, so they always need an android app like Hopper.

You see, Hopper is all about planning your flights because it tells you in advance whether or not the flights you choose will be cheaper. So if you’re willing to be flexible, you could save a great deal.

Again, this app gives you the option of selecting the flight you want and also notify you when there’s a change in price. And then it gives you advice on when to book. Isn’t this what you need if you’re on a tight budget?

Week menu

Is it possible to carry on with your daily routine when you’re not having the correct diet? Well, if it’s not possible, then you need Week Menu whose job is to do as its name implies.

This app is for those who mind planning what they will eat in the entire week ahead. The app lets you create a perfect recipe book which can be customized manually or by feeding it with content from the internet.

Over time, Week Menu will help you cut back on unnecessary items which you don’t always need on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, Week menu was created for iOS users. However, another similar app still exists for android users. It’s called the Food Planner.

You should quickly realize that these apps are an integral part of your life. Not only do they help with planning, but some of them also help you eat the correct way, which is generally good for your health. Your brain works better with a good diet. If you’re placing bets at Euro Palace mobile casino for instance, you’d need to make calculated moves on some of those games. The Week Menu app is indirectly connected to the outcome you’re likely to experience here. So take these apps seriously because they will change your life this year.


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