How to Choose the Most Credible Online Rummy Site in India?

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It could be a challenging job for new online rummy players in India to pick a site or an app that could help them understand and realize the different kinds of features, games and other value driven features that counts for a holistic and secure online gaming experience in rummy.

Key elements such as security, fair and responsible gaming and legality has been some of the top concerns of online players across India. We are here to rescue you from this dilemma and offer some hard facts that will help you make a solid decision as to which online rummy sites in India you should pin your skills on.

  1. Licensed and Legal Site

Online rummy is a skill based card game and hence, playing rummy on most online rummy sites in India are legal today with the exception of few states such as Assam, Telangana and Orissa that prohibit playing any skill game for real money. Free games can be played nationwide on any online rummy site. However, due to the rising popularity of such skill games, it is possible you may come across some unlicensed sites and apps that might get you into trouble. To stay on the safe side, do check that the online rummy site is licensed and follows all stipulated government rules and regulations pertaining to all states within the country.

  1. RNG Certification

Let’s address a common question or a concern among many new online rummy fans. Are online rummy sites in India rigged? Instead of foraging for sources to verify the same or going by word of mouth, a simply search can put this concern to rest. If you are looking for an online rummy site that doesn’t cheat you, simply check if the site in question is RNG certified. RNG certification is a software algorithm that’s applied by the gaming site and verified usually by an internationally recognized lab. The RNG aka Random Number Generator software ensures that playing cards in all online games are randomly shuffled at all times so that the application doesn’t follow any distinguishable or recognizable pattern while dealing cards to players, thus, making your game unpredictable under all circumstances.

Therefore, any site that displays their RNG certificate on the website applies this algorithm in all their games making your gaming experience fair every single time.

  1. TSL Encryption

SSL Encryption or its improved successor TSL, is a form of encryption that creates and runs a secure communication network between the server and the client and hence, protects the transfer of data and information. Therefore, this technology secure\s online operations such as banking, online transactions, information authentication and email exchanges across servers. Applying the same on real money games such as online rummy sites in India offers an enhanced layer of protection making it difficult for hackers to procure private information like financial data and any personal information shared by the customer with the online rummy site.

  1. Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming is another key feature that online rummy sites in India must sincerely acknowledge and apply on their site to offer players a healthy gaming environment. The key aspects concerning this subject help alleviate any possible negative experience that a player might encounter during gaming. We shall take the example of a reputed Indian rummy site here to help you break down the key practices of responsible gaming.

The online rummy site goes by the name, RummyBaazi and sets the benchmark in responsible gaming through the application of the following practices.

  • RummyBaazi restricts under-age gaming and hence, players below 18 years of age cannot create an account on their website.
  • On the same lines, the online rummy site doesn’t allow players below 18 years of age to play cash games of online rummy.
  • The online rummy site monitors all its games round the clock to detect any unfair or inappropriate online gaming behaviour.
  • RummyBaazi also employs anti-collusion measures and techniques to detect fraudulent practice carried by any player during a game. For eg: it doesn’t allow any two players to play online rummy from the same IP address.
  • To promote healthy gaming practices among online rummy fans, RummyBaazi also offers players the option to set limits on their cash deposits and withdrawals to alleviate any form of obsession towards the game.
  • Prompt and accurate payments to customers are executed through the customer’s account according to a secure and documented process.

Provisions such as these ensure that only the best practices are followed by reputed and trusted online rummy sites in India so as to offer a safe and secure platform wherein players can enjoy the skill game in the best possible manner and share a healthy and positive experience with fellow players on the platform.

Summing up, we strongly suggest you take note of these key factors that determine your overall experience in online rummy sites in India so that you keep yourselves miles away from any unfortunate encounters and are able to play your game and end your sessions only in the best frame of mind.

All the best!


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