The best card game to play with friends: Towers Battle Solitaire

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Card games have been proven to increase the brain activity of a person and Solitaire is a rather good game when it comes to that. Towers Battle Solitaire is the perfect app developed by XI-Art Incorporations for helping people to their pass time and relieve the mind instead or watching TV or sitting on sitting on Facebook. People can compete with their friends and multiple users while using this app to play solitaire. Solitaire competition measures the time taken to complete the game and whoever finishes first wins the game. People can play Towers Battle Solitaire to compete with other people and have fun from the palm of their hand in a matter of moments. This app lets people enjoy their idle time whether they are on a break in between work, travelling etc.

A number of competitions held in the game promote a healthy sense of rivalry and also provides thrill to the players. While winning these competitions does get people gold in game, they do not have any rewards outside of the game. This is to stop people from gambling illicitly. The game is designed purely for entertainment purposes focusing on everyone above the age of 3 years.

Towers Battle Solitaire tries its best to incorporate all the features of the traditional solitaire into its gameplay. It is also quite better than the traditional game in the sense that it allows the users to connect with many people through their smartphone and also help them build healthy relations within the game by sharing various items and gifts with their friends.


This game can be linked with the user’s Facebook account so that they are able to invite more people to play the game and can also see who among their contacts is already playing the game. Having more friends is beneficial as they can give you gifts and hearts which support the journey of the player during the game.

The basic version of the game is free and comes with more than 150 levels for people to choose from. The free version of the game allows the users to access a number of features along with regular benefits. People can also make in app purchases to boost their game in different ways.

This game features a HD graphics along with sound effects which make it more indulging and realistic for the player. Other than these, the user also has the option to customize the background to change its color while playing the game.


This game is 40 MB in size which might be slightly larger in size for some people. Running this game requires the usage of internet which may result in depletion of the battery quickly.

Since the game features HD graphics, it requires more resources of the phone to function, while generally this does not create any problem for most of the smartphones in phones with lower specifications this game may lag or require a considerable portion of the resources to function properly.


Towers Battle Solitaire is one of the best card games available to people and can be played by users from any age group for entertainment and fun.

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