Online Shopping – Made For You !

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Who’d have believed two or three decades back that you could sell products without meeting the customer personally; that there would be an imaginary shop somewhere in the clouds which anyone can see, go to and select their products from; that you can order anything from home and return it if you don’t like it; that you don’t have to carry a briefcase full of money if you’re going to buy a new home. All these things were as alien to the world as UFOs are to us. But take a look at the world around you today. Every one of us is fond of online shopping. Even we recharge our phone online when we have a store for that just after crossing the road. So things have changed radically.

Well, the first big step in the merchant industry with the introduction of “Cheque” around the 12th Century by the Muslims. It came into existence because people used to travel for days so that they could sell their products in other parts of the world and most of these merchants were always in fear being looted in the middle of their journey and this system allowed them to go freely. It’s just ironical that if you want to sell your product in the present world, there are many websites welcoming you with the slogan post free ads here. That’s why the online marketing has taken a boost. It’s fast, simple to access and favourable to both sides of the trade.

Today you can see many websites worth billions of dollars’ empire. But home delivery can’t be the sole formula for their success. In fact, there are many. First, there are many ongoing offers at these stores and they might not directly save you money but they can certainly get you a good deal for your next trip to a hill station. In fact, we have seen situations in the past where companies have decided to launch their products online only. Second, online shopping has a very good scope for customization. You can select hundreds of products and cancel the order at the last moment. Imagine how the face of the shopkeeper would have been in the same situation. Moreover, there are many more options available for each product whether it’s a shirt or a Smartphone. You can spend as much time as you want to make up your mind.

A great number of online stores have also attracted the buyers more and more. Now they don’t have to stick to a particular store and can even open all of them at the same time, compare prices and pick up from wherever they want. So there are many reasons why Online Shopping has seen such a huge boost in the recent years. And yes, the last but not the least of them, it’s made for you!


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