Progressive web apps to shape the future landscape of online gaming

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The future is already there with your favorite games following you everywhere on your phone and tablet. With mobile devices becoming more sophisticated each year and internet connection spreading to the most distant corners of the world, the times when you had to rush home each time you felt an urge to continue playing are long gone.

The gaming industry has been growing fast and wide over the last decade, showing a tremendous growth both in the number of products released and the revenue collected. The Internet and mobile segments are especially on the rise, attracting an ever-growing number of players as modern technologies are currently introduced to practically any sphere from multi-user games to an online casino, uncovering the hidden potential with a tendency to increase even further in the upcoming years. 

Today’s mobile gaming has to meet the ever-growing players’ needs. While an interesting backstory and great visuals still remain a must, they now also have to be instantly accessible even for users of low bandwidth networks. And this is where PWA come to our aid, offering fast and easy solutions for all the developers out there. Unlike their ‘native’ predecessors, they require no download and are easy to access via the most popular mobile browser and are therefore more familiar to the users who are used to the open web.

Many gaming websites, such as Stakers Online Casino have already integrated it and are currently enjoying the benefits of this technology. The functionality offered by the mobile version remains the same as in the original website, offering numerous opportunities, including sports betting on the world’s most popular events as well as titles by the leading casino games’ providers. Players find it easier to play in a familiar environment, which requires no updates, is easy to share, and does not get too annoying with push-notifications. 

What is more, PWAs can be quite adaptive – they look great on the screen of any mobile device from older low-resolution phones to high-res tablets and practically anything else making the game look great on every step of a player’s journey.

Safety is yet another reason to give PWA-powered online games a try, while most of them are secured with HTTPS and are thus protected against data interception and fraud.

All in all, progressive web apps are easy-to-use while they operate on the basis of the inbuilt browsers and just require opening a URL to start working, and, therefore there is a good chance we might witness them fully replacing native applications in the long run.


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