How to Protect Your iPhone and Keep it in Great Condition

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With technology having evolved at such an alarming rate, all smartphone models are accompanied by a series of must-have accessories that make it easier to customize and protect your phone. You also spend hundreds of dollars on your device, so you want to keep it in great condition. Here are some of the most common options for keeping your iPhone safe from damage:

Screen protectors – When buying a new iPhone, the first thing that impresses you is the crystal clear and super responsive touchscreen. Apple uses Gorilla Glass when manufacturing its phones, a patented type of display. Screen stickers are transparent pieces of foil that are cheap and easy to apply on the display of the phone. They act as a protective coat, being thicker than they actually appear. Aside from scratches, the screen protector will make it easier for you to wipe off those nasty oil stains that our fingers leave behind.  Using your iPhone under bright light can also cause glare and anti-reflective screen protection will help with that as well.

Protective cases – Even if their main purpose is to keep your phone safe from scratches and damage, iPhone skins have become quite a fashion icon. They are an item used to personalize your phone, since they come in tons of colours and models, with applications, Swarovski stones, cartoon characters, cars, movie stars, flags and pretty much everything else you can imagine. Certain stores will even personalize these skins with the image of your desire. However, we must emphasize once again that the importance of these skins is to keep the chassis of the phone in safe conditions.  The best protective cases are the ones made of silicon, even if most cases you’ll find in stores are made of plastic. As long as the thickness of the case is decent enough to prevent items such as your keys from scratching the case until it reaches the surface of the phone, you can go ahead and buy the skin of your choice.

Universal docks – As odd as it may seem, lots of iPhone models are easy to scratch near the charging port because of the friction sometimes caused by the charger. People using a regular charger often trip over the wires, drop the phone or cause some other accidents that cause the phone to drop and get scratched. Universal docks are a way to prevent that from happening, because the phone is place in an upright position, making it easy to spot where you’ve placed the phone at all times.

Phone insurance – While this is not common to all people (some would even consider this a completely unnecessary expense), iPhone insurance is the best choice if you know you are a clumsy person, not so keen on keeping your gadgets safe. Severe scratches that lead to phone damage can now be covered. Simply ask your mobile carrier about the offers available for your payment plan and phone model.

The most obvious solution to avoid your iPhone from being scratched is to keep it safe. Having a dedicated pocket in your jacket or purse is the first step towards achieving that. Most people scratch the surface of their iPhone with other items they usually place in their pockets, like pens or keys. While scratches will not affect the performance of the phone, there are some downsides other than the unaesthetic appearance. If you ever want to resell your iPhone, note that the value will severely decrease if the phone has any visible signs of damage. If you are looking for a new smartphone you can spending sometime browsing through metrofone to pick up some great deals.


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