Revamp of Twitter for Android Smartphones

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Nowadays, we have heard a lot about Smart phone’s app and their success stories !! In the world of communication, the Smartphones are revolution and the apps are the heart and soul of it. Really, Smartphones have become portals to the apparent world, where you can find countless apps.

Smartphone Application Development technology has become the most famous mobile platform. And smartphones are nothing without the apps, millions of apps are downloaded every day. Yes, it is true as we all know that how obsessed we are with the apps in our smartphones, and not only young generation but people of all ages are using these apps.

And it has also become a booming career for those who are very innovative and creative with their programming skills and designing. This is really a major challenge to develop apps that can be supported on multiple platforms, in this technology – driven area.

Now, coming to the main point of discussion, which is regarding ‘Twitter’ – The online social networking site which has recently released an updated version of Android App.


See how it has been improved:

  • You can upload photos and can get a full preview of it in the latest version. As in earlier version of the tweet preview you were given with a cropped image preview when you tried to upload photos from your camera roll via the Twitter App and it is also letting you select your image speedily.
  • You can switch easily between multiple twitter accounts. You just need to tap on your profile picture and this will be a great help in tracking from which account you got the tweet. Thus, this will prevent overlaps between your multiple twitter accounts.
  • You can temporarily turn off the location sharing mode for the unwanted tweet and in the compose box itself, it has the ability to remove location information. As for those who are very much concerned about their privacy, for them this feature is the best.
  • You will see some changes in notification features where you can get more information about twitter interactions of an individual for Android users, as when any of the person from your contact list joins twitter you will get notified from the app.

Therefore, the twitter updates were much needed and with this new version which is very fast and easy to use, you can connect more people with more ease and can get their more detailed updates easily. Thus, a great number of flaws have been covered with the new updated version of this twitter Android app.

And other than this, you can also make your own application with Smartphone Application Development for Android tool without any programming knowledge. Yes it’s true, you just need to develop your idea by doing research online regarding what type of app you want to build and what type of apps are in demand.

Author Bio: Martin is an experienced writer and enthusiast. Here he wrote about Smartphone Application Development of Android for Twitter social media site.


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