The 10th Anniversary of Android – the Most Dominating Smartphone OS

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It has been 10 years since Android was introduced in the Smartphone’s market. Even though the device was unveiled on September 2008, it got public in October 2008. No matter which date you prefer to consider, the fact that this popular operating system has completed its 10 years in the mobile isn’t hidden. Besides, the popular Android phone games have taken over the gaming market.

As mentioned above, Android was announced much before Google made the first device available to the public. Before Android hit the smartphones’ market (and apparently, started to dominate it), iPhone was the first mobile operating system that emerged and changed the way the mobiles were operated. iPhone was launched a year before Android and it was the same year when Apple decided to introduce its App Store. People who think Android was just an answer by Google to the iPhone are not wrong. However, the main purpose of Android was to eliminate the chances that Microsoft could get the monopoly in its Window smartphones (just the way it did with desktops).

The alternatives to Android

On responding to certain questions, the CEO of Google mentioned that the Android developers were concerned about the alternatives available in the market. Their major concern was Microsoft releasing the Windows mobile. Besides, the fact that Nokia was dominating the smartphones market was another concerning fact. However, this was all before the iPhone emerged and changed the entire Smartphone’s market.

It wouldn’t be right to compare the success and growth of Android (which is an open-source project) with the Windows in the late 90s. There is no doubt to say that Android’s emergence was somewhat geopolitical in nature. This is because Eric Schmidt and Sergey Brin clearly mentioned how risky it could be for Google if Windows would come up with a better Smartphone operating system. It was years before the iPhone developed that Google had decided to put its resources in the development of Android. When the iPhone was unveiled in the mobile market,Google immediately pivoted its strategies to becoming the only and toughest competitor to Apple.

Android today

Google and Android put their best efforts into building the mobile operating system that would not let other giant companies dominate the market again. Apparently, they succeeded as Android gained immense popularity across the globe in almost no time. In the current times, Android’ place in the smartphone market is similar to the one that Windows had with desktops.

With as much as 85% share in the smartphone sector, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Android is dominating the market. Not only it kept the other mobile industries from taking over the smartphone market but Google’s Android overpowered Windows (which was one of the most famous operating systems at that time). Though the dominance of the operating systems varies from region to region, there are more Android users in the world. But if you consider it from the manufacturer’s point of view, Apple sells a significant volume of mobiles as compared to the other OS.


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