Top 4 invoicing and bookkeeping apps for freelancers, contractors and small businesses owners

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If you’re a freelancer, contractor or small business owner, you know how important it is to have your accounting affairs in order at this time of the year. The holiday season is upon us, which for most of us, is the most expensive time of the year. So we’ve compiled a list of our top picks for invoicing and bookkeeping to help keep you organised and get you paid on time.


Bookipi is one of our favourite invoice maker apps because it’s simple to use and creates transparency between employer and employee. The standout Bookipi features include:

  1. Notifications when the customer opens the invoice. Consider it a ‘read’ receipt, so you know if your invoice has been forgotten or ignored.
  2. Automatic synchronisation across devices, so you and your team can minimise technical errors and stay up-to-date.
  3. A tax calculator, so you’ll never be caught off guard by the tax man again.

Bookipi lets you send unlimited professional invoices to customers. The app features are perfectly designed for contractors, freelancers and small businesses within any industry. It enables you to organise your bookkeeping anywhere and get paid faster.


JobFLEX is the best solution for simplifying accounting and paperwork for freelancers, contractors and small business owners within the construction industry; including estimators, carpenters, deck builders, electricians, HVAC contractors, insulation contractors, landscapers, painters, plumbers, remodelers, roofers, and more.

JobFLEX allows you to create professional estimates and invoices on the go, and record payments in minutes. One of the best features of JobFLEX is its ability to make quotes and send invoices offline, meaning you can get paid anywhere, anytime. JobFLEX enables you to get paid faster and seamlessly manage your billing whether you’re providing construction services or cost estimating services.

Street Invoice

Street Invoice enables you to create and send email invoices and estimates from your mobile device quickly and easily.

Like the rest of our picks, this app completely eliminates the paper trail to track and chase your clients. Street Invoice make it simple to bill on the spot, which means you get paid faster and with less hassle. The app provides a professional, streamlined image for your company, giving you a corporate look and feel on the budget of a small business. With Street Invoice you get instant results on the go, all from your mobile device.

Book Keeper

Book Keep accounting completely eliminates complex accounting terms, helping you to maintain accounting books with ease. The app was designed for small and medium sized businesses with no accounting or bookkeeping knowledge required.

It is a stand-alone app with no dependency on other software and no sign up required.

It’s a great option for traders, retailers, wholesalers and manufacturing businesses. It works on all your Android, iOS and Windows desktop devices with seamless data syncing among all your devices.


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