Which are the Top Android training Certifications that you can do

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Mobile apps have helped people do anything they want. From performing business operations to socializing and entertaining, mobile apps have changed our attitude toward everything. Today, Android app developers carry the potential to reshape the economy worldwide with the help of robust tools that enable them to develop interesting yet innovative apps.  Do you know that 80% of smartphones are built on Android platform? According to a recent report, smartphone users may grow to 2.5 billion by 2019. The requirement for developers is expected to grow. It’s no wonder it might turn into an extremely demanding profile.

According to a CyberCoders CTO, Matt Miller, “The right time is now for efficient Android developers to improve their Android skills and grab a good job.”

Android is an open-source operating system that dominates the smartphone market globally. Its open-source platform allows developers to experiment with their innovative ideas and come up with valuable apps without making large investments.

Most well-known companies use this platform for their app development and therefore open up new opportunities for app developers to grow. There are many Android certifications out there that can certify your skills in the Android app development.

Let’s check out important certifications.

Android Certified Application Developer 

With a 76.6% share in the smartphone market, Android and iOS have become the top leaders of the smartphone market. Android especially is a popular platform for developers to work with. This is because it is easy to work with and involves apps that have a high download rate. Thanks to its popularity, an Android app certification is a good choice for beginners who are new to concepts of design, building and maintaining Android applications. You need to pass Android Application Development Exam to get this certificate.

You would have to answer 45 multiple choice questions within 90 minutes and get a minimum score of 70 percent. An Android App developer course would help you do well on this exam.

Mobile App Development Certification 

Mobile computing is a growing field and developers should pay notice to it. Building mobile apps with different frameworks is an important skill for most students to have. Students who have Java, MS/SQL skills are eligible for this certification. If you have all the essential skills required for the development and designing of mobile game apps, you can build a lucrative career in this field. With the rise in demand for mobile apps, new job opportunities are coming to support growing demand. Developers need to complete 15 credit units to get a mobile app development certification. Six are compulsory, and nine out of fifteen are optional. In each course, you would require a C or even higher grade. At the beginning of the course, you would need to choose from different operating systems like android, windows, and iOS.

Make sure you submit ‘Declaration of Candidacy’ for completing the third course. After successful completion of the program, you will submit a request to get the certificate. Please note that your all requests are legitimate within your five years of course enrollment.

App Security Certifications

App security is critical for app developers. Putting a user’s data at stake is an offense one cannot afford to make. Therefore, a developer with a certification in app security is a good step for app developers to take.

The CompTIA Mobility+ certification can be taken by professionals who have expertise in mobility engineering, network administration, and app security. Additionally, a candidate has to clear evaluations regarding network infrastructure, troubleshooting, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

The Certified Professional – Mobility (CCP-M) from Citrix is another certification for app security. This certification tests your skills on the grounds of IT compliance, mobile device management, and security. It can cost up to $5,000, but you get its complete worth when looking for a job.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer

Windows Store Apps certification validates that you have the required skill sets to build fast Windows 8 apps. You can grab this certificate by following two paths; HTML5 or C#. Make sure you have two years of experience in C# development and HTML5 experience in Windows application development for giving this exam.

According to Microsoft, the HTML5 path should be chosen if a candidate carries extensive experience in using JavaScript. .Net developers should follow the C# route. Whichever path you follow, there will be three exams you have to clear. Microsoft does not follow a particular exam format or questions types, but you could use various practice tests and study materials to understand the type of questions you will encounter. For this, you can use Microsoft’s Virtual Academy, which is a forum where discussion on the exam and questions take place.


With a high number of smartphone and other electronic gadgets hitting the market, mobile application development has become a major field. Certifying your skills from a well-known institute can help you build a lucrative career. Moreover, you can develop your app and set new benchmarks in the world of app development.


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