Top Tips to Follow to Secure Your Mobile Apps

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Mobile devices have seeped deeper into our lives and help us accomplish our daily tasks from anywhere with much ease. We can track our fitness levels, shop, do banking and work remotely because of these devices. A multitude of apps is responsible for driving mobile productivity. Apps are nothing but software that connects to servers and APIs all over the world for delivering services and data for the convenience of the users.

Mobile apps, however, need to be backed by well-engineered security for safeguarding the critical information of the customers using the app. Not providing enough security can let hackers thrive and it also jeopardises the reputation of the company offering the app. Mobile devices and apps have become major targets for malicious activity. Hackers can inject malware in apps, intercept sensitive information, get hold of intellectual property rights, access the company’s back-end network, steal customer data and do a lot more than you can ever imagine. For instance, hacking of an uk online slots app can prove to be detrimental for both the user and the developer with a lot of money at stake.

How can mobile apps be secured?

If you have an app in the market or are planning to create one, then there are chances that you have already considered securing your app as well as the associated data. Companies with apps in a competitive and crowded segment such as an online slots app can benefit immensely by providing robust security with the app. Here are some tips that can help in securing the app from hackers.

Securing the code from ground up  

Mobile software security should be the top priority of a developer especially if they are planning to develop an online slots app. This is crucial because of the sensitive data and monetary transactions that happen over these apps. However, there is a lot of difference in web application security and in securing native apps. Vulnerabilities in the source code are specifically targeted by hackers. The app needs to be protected with encryption in the first place. The developers need to stick to well-supported algorithms along with API encryption. You need to test the code for vulnerabilities during the development stages. The app codes must be easy to port and easy to patch as well as to update.

Secure the network connections on the back end

The cloud servers being accessed by the app’s API need to have security measures in place for preventing unauthorised access and for protecting sensitive data associated. Containerization is a great method for creating encrypted containers that can store your documents and data securely. You can also conduct a penetration test and carry out vulnerability assessments of the network for ensuring that the data is protected. Database encryption can help immensely.

Keep identification, authentication and authorization measures in place 

The authentication and authorisation technology helps the users to prove who they are during the login process thereby adding an extra level of security. You need to make sure that the APIs used by your app offers access just to certain parts of your app in order to minimize vulnerability. OAuth2 has become a protocol for managing secure connections by offering one-time tokens. This can be beneficial if you are developing an online slots app. These apps deal with sensitive information of the users and deal with a lot of monetary transactions. It is vital to have a proper security system in place for such apps.

Have an API security strategy in place

Securing APIs is a great way of securing your mobile apps. These are responsible for the flow of data between the cloud, the applications and between multitudes of users. All of these need to be verified for authorizing access to the data. If you are developing an online slots app, then you need to take special care about securing your API.

Test the app software 

This is a crucial step during any mobile development process. With apps being produced at a rapid pace, it is vital to test the app for not just usability and functionality but also for security purposes. This will help you in detecting vulnerabilities in your code. You can make use of emulators and penetration testing for deliberately testing the weaknesses in your app. Test the app multiple times especially if you are designing an online slots app.


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