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At a time when internet is the growing need of every individual, it sounds utter nonsense when someone says that he doesn’t know about his data usage habits. If you keep your food eating habits in mind while deciding the monthly grocery budget, why not do the same planning for data usage? In a recent survey by MTX Connect, the mobile operator providing data-only SIM cards, it’s been found that more than 57% of the users “have no idea” about their data usage and therefore they’re clueless about the data charges they incur every month.

On an average, the mobile data usage of a U.S. wireless customer is 1.8GB/month. However, if we compare it to the trend back in 2012, then it was only 450MB/month. So you can see that there’s a huge shift towards internet over the past few years and if it continues to follow the same trajectory, the current data plans will soon fail to accommodate your habits.

The situation worsens even more in case of data roaming. Though majority of the people don’t travel to abroad so often with 44% people not having travelled outside their country in the last 2 years, if it’s regular for you to travel outside on business trips and you take your phone with you (which is quite obvious), then there’s a great chance that you might fall in the same category as those 73% Americans who don’t have an international plan for data usage. Many of them claim to turn off their data facilities for the period and go underground. But when you’re travelling to a foreign territory to celebrate vacations with your family, it is the high time to use social media. Moreover, you can’t ignore mails from your office at any cost. So this idea is total bogus.

The other domain of users (60%) looks out for Wi-Fi hotspots which are no less than a jewel to be found when you’re away from your home turf. Moreover, these networks are not secure and can pose a great threat to your personal information. So connecting to such unsecured networks is never advisable. So what are the options that we’re left with?

Alarmingly, only 13% of the total users surveyed actually know how to manage their data usage or have a plan to cope up with their booming telephone bills. This breed, though limited, strives on the simple but cost effective method of buying a new SIM Card. MTX Connect provides data-only SIM cards that users can use across 30 European nations. The plans offered are competitively priced making them extremely affordable and easily accessible to everybody.

You can either compromise with your data usage habits or you can opt for a better plan; Choice is yours!

About MTX Connect:
Headquartered in Luxembourg, the company was founded in 2013 is a full MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). It provides broadband and internet services to travelers across Europe, North America, Asia and some parts of Africa and Australasia.

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