Challenges in Project Management and how to overcome it?

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Research has been conducted as what are lags that come into question when efficient management of projects is concerned. Some of the challenges that have been identified in managing projects and how to overcome are discussed here.

1. Challenge: Lack of clarity in the scope of the project:

The completion of one project has to be an initiative for the future of another project, as this is a continuous process, and every project completed should have some kind of substantial finding at the end of each project. But what happens these days is that there is a lack of clarity and scope for future projects being clearly mentioned and identified while completing the previous project. The project documents prepared has to be in consensus with an agreement between the project team, project customer and the major project deliverables.

How to overcome?

To overcome this hurdle, the project team initially has to look back to redefine the scope or aim of their project. This is not enough that you generate piles and piles of documents, information sheets and analyzed reports. This is essential that these reports gives some new findings and identifies future scope for the next project, to be sustainable in the market.

2. Challenge: Shifting organizational priorities:

There is an ever-changing organizational priority, and this is where the project managers find things getting tougher in the middle of a well-planned project. This is hard to work on the project focus and others right from the beginning and this kind of project change is being defined as strategically driven scope creep, which is much like hacking into your well organized computer, and making everything disorganized.

How to overcome?

To manage this challenge, I rather will tell that the question should be how to manage such situations, as one cannot change or question the system, that is, the ever-changing organizational priorities. The changes may be due to one or other of the following reasons:

• Changes to be made in the goal of the project – always develop contingency and expect changes as you do not know what will be the outcome of a project scope, as this is the main reason why you are working on a project. Changes should always be welcomed, you do not have an answer and develop a question and work, rather, develop a question to find an answer.

• Changes in the top management level- this is the toughest challenge to face, try to be polite and put forth your point forward why you do not prefer a change in the project, and try to incorporate new ideas generated.

• Always retain the old documents rejected for this may come in handy on a later date.

3. Challenge: Project challenges not well managed:

Many a times when the scope of the project changes the manager finds this hard to manage.

How to overcome?

As mentioned elsewhere, this is always good to expect changes and have a back up plan to overcome such hurdles. When this is not the case, then the best thing to do is to come down, discuss with your team, and discuss how well this could be managed. You are sure to come with some sort of solution.

4. Challenge: Lack of project management skills:

Many times even the most efficient personalities lack good practices in the design, development and execution of project management, which is simply termed as lack of project management skills.

How to overcome?

Many companies provide an in-house project management training for implementing all of their projects successfully. These in-house training centers also collaborate with outside project management training centers to prevent their institutions from being a pedagogue.

Thus, these are some of the major challenges that are faced while managing projects.

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