The Future of Mobile Gaming: Are You Playing, Yet?

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Mobile Gaming- Playing Yet

Are you a mobile gamer? Whether you enjoy Angry Birds or Prince of Persia, you’re a part of the mobile gaming industry. Because of you, developers are steadily making smartphones faster, brighter, larger, and smarter—just so you’ll play even more games. The evolution of mobile gaming is redefining the way people view video games. Playing games on your mobile device is cheaper, more versatile, and quite comparable to playing on an actual console.

Smartphones vs. Gaming Consoles

Studies show that gamers play games on their smartphones an increasing amount of the time. If they’re not playing on their Blackberry Curve cell phones or other smartphones, they’re playing on their tablets. Why? There are many reasons, but the primary one is accessibility. While many consoles require you to play in the confines of your home, mobile games give you the ability to play anywhere you want.

More and more people buy smartphones every year. They’re more prevalent than gaming systems. While gamers still enjoy playing their favorites on their consoles, they have the added benefit of playing those games anywhere when they use their phones. They alleviate boredom, help pass the time, and allow users to play with their friends.

More Affordable and Convenient Games

Gaming consoles are expensive, as are the games you play on them. Smartphones cost a lot as well, but only the first time. Upgrades are incredibly affordable and besides that, games are downright cheap. Lots of mobile users buy their favorite games for their phones because they’re a fraction of the cost. Angry Birds costs less than a dollar, but even popular platform games rarely cost more than $10.00, which makes the choice clear for many hobbyists. Beyond that, they also don’t have to spend extra on the extras, such as controllers, remotes, or other gaming accessories.

Most people spend hours outside of the video game store awaiting the new release of a popular video game. With mobile games, the user is able to purchase a game with the click of a button. This alleviates any unwanted waits or lines. Also the convenience of purchasing with the push of a button minimizes some of the buyer remorse. What do you think hurts more, handing over a 10 dollar bill for a game at the store or clicking a button and barely noticing the 10 dollars masked in your monthly phone bill? It is a psychological difference that often goes unnoticed.

A Growing Number of Choices

In addition to becoming much more affordable, there are also more games available for cell phones. As a user, you can either look for different gaming apps or purchase the games independently. Old favorites continue getting new makeovers and the most popular games on the biggest consoles are now available on your smartphone.

Because the prices are so low, you’ll have more access to more games, whether you have the particular console for which it was originally manufactured. As of now, over half of the gaming world’s most popular designers have mobile apps in the works for mobile users. This trend is only going to continue and the designers that are not willing to make the transition will surely be impacted.

Ever Increasing Technology

Smartphones really are getting smarter. They do everything, in addition to playing games. However, because users rely on them more for gaming opportunities, both game and phone designers are definitely taking notice.

The screens are getting larger, the displays are more vibrant, touchscreens are more sensitive, and speakers are louder and clearer. The keyboards are more accessible, phones have more memory, and the designs are more compact than ever. There are phones with their own controllers, so if you want the extra accessories, they’re out there. It’s a gamer’s world and cell phones show that.

The mobile gaming industry is quickly becoming a powerhouse for gamers. There will always be the people who enjoy playing their games in the comfort of their own home on a big screen television, but the accessibility of mobile devices is certainly being noticed. There’s no reason you need to buy every single gaming console on the market, as long as you have a smartphone. Don’t you love the luxury of playing games no matter where you are or what you’re doing at the time?


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