Tips to Avoid Online Auction Scam

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Everyone wish to have a good deal on costly products like jewels and other expensive things. For this reason, more people are turned their eyes on online auction sites like ebay. But the major complication in buying things online is that some suspicious sellers out there. Buyers need to know how to identify them and how to save their valuable money from such kind of looting. But the truth is no online auctions come with security risk which we need to overcome. Let us discuss here, some valid points to have scam-free auction.

Reputation of the Sellers:

In online auction, we are not able to see the seller directly. We can only monitor their online reputation before deal with them. Ebay, webstore and Yahoo are the some best auction providers with great online reputation. But there are lot of small and medium auction providers are here to either serve you or loot you. If you are going to order for even a $10, you need to have trust on that seller. You need to make sure the positive feedback of the seller or not less than 85% . Do not take any risk by proceeding with low reputation online auction sites.

Do not forget to verify the Seller:

It should not take much time to verify the seller and their company. You can ask for their company address and phone number for verification, you can check their physical address and registration somewhere on net. Fake sellers will never give you exact contact details of them.

Verify the Images and Price list:

You must beware of tremendously low price on costly products. Attractive images and lowest price listing will make buyers to do immediate orders which is not good. Before booking orders , you need to check whether the item has been sold before or not. Also need to check the previous buyers reviews and their feedback rating. If anything that you can not get clear view, you should immediately contact the seller for clarification. The honest seller will respond to your query and clear all your doubts. If they are fake , they will never respond to your call or mail.

Must Read Policies:

The important hidden things are exist in seller’s policy page. Most of the buyers have no time to read their policies and you are not eligible to claim anything if you agreed with their policies. You need to read and understand their policies on payment, delivery and returning the product. Few reputable sellers are offering free shipping or very low price for shipping. If they charge for shipping, you need to roughly calculate the shipping amount, to check whether it is worth spending on shipping or not.

Read Product Details Thoroughly :

There will be a section to write about item and it’s description in detail. You need look each and every word carefully, if you find any distrustful product feature, immediately hold and ask for clarification. You need to ask few question. Does the image look real? Does the description really suits to the product? You should also cross check the features with seller site and manufacturers site, if you find anything wrong, immediately do redflag.

The Final check list for you to note down:

  • Are they Reputable Seller?
  • Is the site having more than 85% positive feedback?
  • Have you verified company details?
  • Are they properly respond to your queries?
  • Are product description and images genuine?

Hope the valid post to avoid online auction scam will help you a lot. Share your thoughts about scam or your bad experience with such companies. It will make some awareness to other buyers.

Author Bio: Thirumalai – Online Marketing Enthusiast, Working as an Internet marketing executive at AJ Square Inc , One of best auction software providers.


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