Top 5 Facebook Games in 2010

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Facebook is a top most social networking site in 2010 and hope it will sustain in upcoming days too. Everyone is used to maintain their own facebook account to keep in touch with kith and kins. Facebook will let us to update our status, images, video and so on. The reason for users of facebook even from the age of 7 to 70 is fabulous “Facebook Games”.

In this article, I would like to show you the top 5 facebook games in 2010 which have been played by more facebook members without any age restriction. Let me tell about the games one by one.

FarmVille :

Farmville is the most popular game on facebook and developed by Zynga. It is available as a facebook application and app for Apple iphone users. The best realtime flash game with wonderful characters. Farmville allows members to manage virtual farm and to increase the stock.

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Cafeworld, another facebook game which rules the heart of players. It is also a game of Zynga. CafeWorld is having 17,714,659 monthly active users officially. The concept of the game is that player has to run the restaurant with their close friends.

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Texas Holdem Poker:

The third most popular game on Facebook, developed by Zynga. Play with your friends and prove that you are a good poker.

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Mafia Wars:

Popular Thriller crime game on facebook. Definitely you would love to play and can have thriller experience. This game will let you form a gang with your friends and you have to fight for your online survival. This game having 18,289,408 monthly active users on Facebook.

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Fish ville:

Fish Ville – The game especially for kids. Have to increase the various fishes count in virtual aquarium. You can have really exotic fish world adventures. Fish ville is having 4,647,170 monthly active users on Facebook.

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I just have listed top 5 popular facebook games. I knew that rather than these game you guys have played a lot more. Share your gaming experience and the game you loved on Facebook on comment section.

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    Agreed with your list. Farmville is the most famous game on UK as well


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