Top 5 Upcoming Tech Events in 2013

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Internet world has seen tremendous growth and a lot of tech events are conducted at different parts of the world. Tech enthusiasts gather in these events and they share their knowledge with each other. These events are the best place to learn about the launch of new gadgets which are under research and also to know about the features of the new types of gadgets which are launched into the market. Some of the best startup events are planned to be held in 2013 and it includes Techcrunch Disrupt, Mobile Web Africa, Tech4Africa, International Consumer Electronics Show, Wireless Wednesda, Social media week and many other events are chiefly awaited events of the year. Updates on all these events are present in the internet sites.

Social Media Week:

Impact of social media on the social, cultural and economics are explored by this universal event. It is focused to assemble businesses and individuals in the field of social media to understand and work mutually on fresh ideas. This event takes place at some of the popular tech places ranging from New York, Copenhagen, Milan, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo and Washington D.C, Lagos Hamburg and Miami. For the first time the event is taking place at Africa in the month of February 2013.

TechCrunch Disrupt:

This event is an interesting debate on the current changes in technology, causes for those changes and the measure to take. It is one of the most expected events of the year 2013 and it is three days event at New York held in the month of April to May. Timing of the event is updated in the relevant website.

International Consumer Electronics Show:

The International Consumer electronics is a must see show and it is a massive event in the tech industry. The event is the host of some of the spectacular events and it takes place in the month of January at Las Vegas. Some of the reputed Venture capitalists are addressing at the event. This event is considered enormous as it is hosted by tech giants such as Samsung, Verizon, Panasonic and the popular consumer brands like Coca cola.


LeWeb is one of the major tech events conducted in Europe which is intended to combine the highly prominent spectators in the global internet network. In 2013, this event is going to be held at London on June 5th and 6th. Some of the famous speakers of the event include the Executive chairman of Google – Eric Schmidt, Co-founder of YouTube – Chad Hurley, General partner of Founders Fund – Sean Parker Jack Dorsey from Twitter and the first president of Facebook are some of the few renowned names to include.

South by Southwest:

Some of the most excellent ideas from international community are presented in this event, and it contains the presentation from some of the universal intelligent minds in the promising technology from video games to graphics or digital works which brings out some of the fresh ideas. It is planned to be conducted from March 8th to 12th at Austin Texas.

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