Top 6 Ways to Market a Web Application

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If you think that the web application that you created is going to be successful within a year, then you are wrong. To deliver tangible results out of the web application sales this is necessary that you develop a proper marketing strategy.

Let us explore the top six and the most prominent way to spread the word about marketing a web application.

Method 1: Social Media like Twitter and Facebook:

Social media is one of the most prominent methods through which you can, not only reach your friends, but also your friends of friends and their friends. Thus, the network of people who will be getting to know about your application is so huge that you can dream of reaching the skies as your sales target. Besides, social media websites like Facebook has the option of creating ads to promote your mobile application to reach a much wider audience!

Method 2: Create a website/blog for your App:

When you are letting people know about your mobile application, create a website or blog for selling the product from where the link to download the application could be given besides telling people about all that they could do with that application. Moreover, you could also use this site to promote your application in the social media by placing the buttons, for example, you can create an unique page in Facebook for your mobile application and promote your product with latest updates.

Method 3: Videos of you using the application:

If you are not using the application that you created then no one will. So you be the first not only to use the application, but use your webcam to create a perfect demo, exploring all the miniscule details that could be done using the application showing everyone that this is worth downloading.

Method 4: Mobile App Review Websites:

Submit details about your mobile application to mobile application review websites to get noticed by many people who prefer to use applications that have been reviewed and reaching even the least talented tech savvy mobile users. There are tons of such websites of which some of the prominent ones will include CNET, Tech Radar and many more.

Method 5: Guest Posts:

This is one way of spreading the news about your mobile application to a wide range of audience whom you don’t even know, but this worth trying that you write lots and lots of reviews and press releases about your mobile / web application and submit to the numerous and the popular blogs as guest posts.

Method 6: Hit the Street!

The best way to let people try your mobile application on your phone before they could download on their mobile phones is to give them hands on experience. Let them explore the other applications running without being affected because of downloading your mobile application. When they are assured of the safety of their mobile phone, this is a bet that your street smartness will help you to reach your sales target!

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