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Connection speed tests seem to pop up all over the internet and many users just dismiss the idea. However, it could be a good idea to test your connection speed regularly. There are actually a number of benefits in doing this, so let’s talk a little bit about them.

Reasons to Test Your Internet Speed

One of the main reasons for wanting to test your internet connection speed is to make sure that you are in fact receiving the level of service that you are expecting from your provider. For example if your internet is provided by Verizon Dallas, then you should expect between 50mbps and 500mbps depending on the package that you have signed up for. After all, you wouldn’t want to be paying for the top broadband subscription that promises 500mbps when the reality is that you are only really getting the same speed as the mid range 150mbps package! Carrying out a simple online test to determine the speed of your connection will alert you to this issue allowing you to confront your provider.

Another reason why you might like to perform regular speed tests on your internet connection is that it can alert you to potential issues with your computer. Your internet connection speed actually depends on a wide variety of factors and it may not always be your service provider that is to blame if your internet is on a go slow! Just a few of the reasons why your broadband is slower than usual include malware or other viruses, your chosen browser, incorrect Wi-Fi settings and even what time of day it is! If you perform regular internet speed tests, especially using a tool that can track your results, then you may be able to pinpoint particular times or dates when you have issues with your internet connection which may in turn lead to an explanation.

How to Test Your Internet Speed

It is easy to test your broadband internet speed simply by using one of the many online tools that are available completely free of charge. Your internet service provider might actually have a link to one on their website which can be helpful. There is no need to download or install anything, most tests are simply a case of clicking on a button on the web page and waiting for the test to run. In most cases this will not take longer than one to two minutes.

The test will measure how long it takes for a small file to be downloaded. This provides you with your download speed and this is the one that most internet users are interested in since it gives a good indication of how long it will take to down load a song or a movie. The test will then attempt to upload the file in order to calculate the upload speed of your connection. This is the speed that matters when you are uploading photographs and so on. It is important to note that the returned speeds will be an average speed since there will be various peaks and troughs during the test. Some testing tools also offer to track your data usage.

Checking your internet connection speed is quick and easy to do, so it makes sense to add it into the regular maintenance routine you use for your computer. Keeping yourself informed about the performance of your internet connection can only be a good thing.