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This particular app should be very useful for all those mobile internet users including myself. In this modern age mobile internet has revolutionised the world of technology. Now we can get to browse the World Wide Web extensively using our mobile phones. But there is one common mistake that we commit using the mobile internet. That is we don’t keep track of the internet usage limit which hits us hard when the monthly bills come. That is simply because we get to use the internet beyond the package limit. Once we go beyond the usage limit we get charged severely and end up paying few hundred extra. That is where a special app called as download meter comes in very handy.

With download meter we can keep track of our internet usage on daily basis. This way we can be aware of our internet usage and thereby avoid using beyond the limit and save our hard earned money. Download meter will highlight our usage in percentage, so that we can get a clear idea about how much more we can use within the limit.


This particular app works really well on all apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. All you need to do is buy this app for $2 from the iTunes store and install it in your device. The best thing about download meter is that it works well in all the carriers across the world.

How cool is this?

With 3G and 4G connections we get great speeds in mobile internet. So people have shifted from desktop and laptops to their mobiles and tablets for web browsing. In that case, it is only obvious that we would go overboard in internet usage and easily go beyond the usage limit. That is exactly where download meter comes into the picture. With download meter you can keep track of your internet usage daily or weekly or even monthly. All you need to do is install the app and let it run in the background while you are using your mobile internet connection to browse through the web world. Some of the key features about download meter include,

  • You will get an alert the moment you exceed your usage limit. You don’t have to open the download meter each time to know your usage limit.
  • The download meter icon will show the percentage of used limit.
  • Buy the app once and run it on all your apple devices.
  • You can measure the usage limit in real time up to byte precision.

So, this is one app that will help you in saving a lot of money that you pay for your internet bills.


There are very few apps that really make sense to buy and download meter is definitely one of them. This surely will be very useful for all those internet users out there. Not without any reason the download meter app is in the top ten most used utilities in more than 54 countries all around the globe.

Worth Having App – Download the Application


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