4 Reasons Why You Need The Apple iPhone X

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The Apple iPhone X hits stores on November 3rd and tech devotees around the world are waiting with baited breath. Lives are grinding to a halt as iPhone fans just stand there, staring into the distance in anticipation, salivating. Jobs are being lost and marriages falling apart as people abandon their duties to queue outside Apple stores, camping in tents on cold, concrete streets, living on Starbucks lattes and making sure they will be amongst the first people on Earth to get their hands on the new Apple iPhone X. Apple’s soon to be released flagship phone is surely the most eagerly anticipated phone in a generation, and it promises to live up to the hype!

Here are 4 reasons why you need the Apple iPhone X.

The iPhone X is the First Phone Ever to Create Animojis Of your Actual Facial Expression! With new Face ID technology you will no longer be using the Home button or your fingerprint to access your phone or pay for things. Face ID uses the phone’s multiple cameras to scan your face with 30,000 infrared dots, thus memorizing your visage perfectly. So you simply hold the phone in front of your charming mug to let it know that it is you….. its overlord and master. Face ID technology also allows you to create eerily accurate animoji characters with your exact current facial expression! Deeply cool. 

(Ad) The iPhone X Promises a Spectacular Step-up in Screen Clarity and Graphics The iPhone X is the first ever iPhone model to use an OLED screen. This is a more advanced technology than the typical LCD panels used in earlier iPhone versions. This new screen will be the largest iPhone screen ever at 5.8 inches (they’ve created more space by doing away with the ‘Home’ button) and will make colors and graphics richer, more detailed and more grabbing, so entertaining yourself on your daily commute with some fun and frolics in gametwist.com will be more rewarding than ever before!

The iPhone X Will Have Apple’s Most Advanced Ever Camera The X will be the only iPhone model to have dual OIS (optical image stabilization) on both rear lenses. This will make videos extra smooth and photos taken in low light far clearer. It also comes with a new front facing camera system called TrueDepth which will allow you to take depth-effect portrait mode selfies. We are all about to go up a few points on the attractiveness scale!

The iPhone X Feels Amazing in Your Hand Thin, light and sleek; the iPhone X is essentially all screen (as mentioned earlier – there’s no ‘Home’ button) and has a super-thin frame, so it feel fantastic in your hand. It achieves this svelte and shapely physique without compromising on features, power or usability. It is the best example since Napoleon of raw power packed into an ultra-diminutive and compact frame!


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