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Pokemon Go is on everyone’s fingertips, well, literally. The immersive game, on the smartphones running on iOS or Android OSs, has practically swept the gaming world by storm. It has become a routine sight on the streets, wherever you go to find people boys and girls and the not so young even, lost in the game and searching for the virtual Pokemons within the radius their phones’ GPS can trace. The game’s developers have created many creatures to make the search exciting for the gamesters.

Russia has been no exception to this frenzy and players from across the Russian Federation have been intensely involved in the game and like the much publicized the crashes and injuries the Pokemon Go players have been suffering, there have been reports of people in Russia also losing themselves in the game.

One of the largest banking institutions in Russia its branches spread all over the country, Sberbank, has thought out a brilliant strategy to join the fun and do some promotional activities to bring the bank and its products closer to the Pokemon Go playing public. So the insurance arm of the bank, IC Sberbank Life Insurance has therefore announced this novel plan. People can avail of an insurance policy from the bank to cover any injuries or harm caused while playing the Pokemon Go and going about chasing the virtual creatures, which is all the game is about.

pokemenIn order to use this insurance those players have to go to the bank’s website: sberbankgo.ruand register themselves and then go on playing the game. The registration process is simple and involves giving their nickname and their mobile number. Sberbank and their insurance business have assured the registrants that the moment they make these entries on their website they are treated as a beneficiary under the insurance scheme. As they continue playing the game they are expected to remain safe or at least be confident that even if they do get hurt, they can at least get their treatment under the insurance policy.

Maxim Chernin, head of IC Sberbank Life Insurance did explain, while releasing the news of their innovative promotional activity that it is not just the insurance that the gamers will benefit from. The bank has also created “lures” around their some of its branches so that the Pokemon Go enthusiasts can come to their branches and use the opportunity to play the game and find some Pokemons as well. The bank is hoping that even as people play the game and visit their branches, they can be exposed to some of their own financial products which can be useful to them in managing their finances.


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