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Enjoy Roundme app on Android version now !

Start your global adventure and share your stories with animated pictures, videos and sounds sitting right at your home with the Roundme Virtual Tours app designed for professional photographers and photography enthusiasts. This revolutionizing app service allows the user to create, view, share and publish interactive Spaces, browse through several panoramic photographs taken by the best photographers of the world and also to get notified about their updates. The multi-dimensional features of the app have made it popular amongst the photography enthusiasts and professionals quickly.

Roundme was launched last year and now it has come up for Android as well. The platform makes it simple for the photography enthusiasts and professionals to picture themselves anywhere, starting from at the top of the Eiffel Tower to the middle of a volcanic eruption. It lets you enjoy being photographed at the Times Square and at the bottom of the sea the next moment.   The collection of interactive panoramic spaces that comes with Roundme does not end only being within the earth, it gives you the opportunity to capture the whole universe through your lens. Be it the Milky Way or the deserts on the Mars, you can capture them all with this highly advanced and efficient app platform. Browse through the thousands of Spaces and add items to your collection to come up with the best customized panoramic pictures.

The other dimension of Roundme lies in its ability to assist in vacation planning. This app gives you a complete experience of a place, including its real atmosphere and feel, virtually; so before you plan your trip you can check out the place to the maximum details with this app. It can also be very effective to find the hotels, restaurants and places of interest in a new place. To make the experience with Roundme complete in every sense the app can be coupled with a headset, making you to not only view and hear but also to feel the atmosphere of a new place.

The app is a virtual panoramic creator which enables creation of immersive interactive stories using pictures, videos, information and links. People with keen interest in photography and photography professionals are highly recommended to try out this app to experience the world in an up and close session and to take their photography to the next level. This Android app comes bundled with loads of features and can provide the complete experience of a virtual tour to any user.