You’ve seen World Cup now FaceBook Brings us Hacker Cup 2011

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Facebook an every growing Social network with more threats to their database, has announced Hacker Cup. This cup is announced specially to find one of the best internet computer pirate or hacker. Winner will then be named as Best Pirate, and it will add reputation and fortune to its hacking profession. 😀 By the way what we’ve concluded is that facebook need to know about the best hackers of world and then they will try to reduce the threat of being hacked by using these best minds.

How will this Hacking Cup proceed?
All the participants will be given a messed up code’s to program them properly. They will be informed about the official page of Hacker Cup on FaceBook, and contest will consist of 3 rounds, and at the end 25 best Pirates are chosen, which will then move to FaceBook head office for final round 😛

FaceBook announced some amazing prizes for the winners.

1:- First position holder will get the title of ‘Champion of World’ with $5000 as a award.
2:- Second position holder will get $2000 as a award.
3:- The third one will get $1000 award.

Rest of the 25 participants which are also mind blowing people, will then be awarded as $100.

To take part in this competition Sign Up date is 20 December and first round will start in the beginning of 2010 as because it is called as 2010 Hacker’s Cup. First round time will be 72 hours, in which participents have to solve some algorithmic problems.

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