KunbaHR : The Ultimate Solution For Managing Human Resources

Hr Made Easy

One of the most crucial departments in an organization is absolutely the human resource. In most cases, it deals with the entire management of different operations in the company. These may include hiring and retrenching of staff, business administration, strategic management and even other day-to-day activities of the company. Some businesses do not thrive well because they do not have …

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SherpaDesk- Running a business made easy


While the idea of running a business might seem easy, the actual thing is not. Just keeping track of the business side of a business is a hectic task. Right from logging time to tracking projects to responding to customers to sending out invoices and more is a stressful task. In the midst of all this, focusing on the strengths …

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Redbooth: Everything about your project in one place

Redbooth Webapprater

If you work with a big team, you will surely know how much time and effort collaboration takes. What you need is an easy interface to connect and work with your entire team as a team. Redbooth, an Android app is here to help you with that. All your tasks, video meeting, chats, time tracking and more can be accessed …

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Nutcache.com :Make Business Billing and Employee Dealing Easy


Invoicing, billing and tracking time seem to be the most time taking jobs for a freelancer and the employer. The system requires gruesome calculation, complex modeling and everything that can make life difficult. The unwanted paperwork takes time and thus makes you spend money in some way or other. There are applications and software in the market that can solve …

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7 Fold Operations with FreshBooks


Your account related problems now have the right solutions with FreshBooks bringing the most convenient accounting tools that can not only make you create your invoice but also help you track time, create projects and estimate a number of things. The web based application is supported by the cloud system which makes it convenient to work with, from anywhere and …

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Project-Management.com – Helping you Manage Projects Better


Improving PM Practices Project-Management.com offers a website for project managers to find the best articles and references for efficiently managing their projects. It has a professional and refreshing look and feel with a lot of tools for project managers. The content on the site can be used by managers for their project assignments. There are many articles on project management …

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Mobile Monitor- Monitor Phones without any Apprehensions

Mm Img3

Today, everyone has their own cell phone or tablet. This not only brings in convenience but also results in a lot of emotional attachment to one’s mobile device. If you wish to know more about a person, the best way to do so today is to catch hold of their phone. When it comes to loved ones and people that …

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Dappleworks.com – Must Have WebApp for Small Business

Dapple Works

Managing a business efficiently is not an easy task. A web based business application such as DappleWorks allows small to medium sized businesses to manage their employees, business data, projects and even the daily functioning tasks without the need to download, install or run any hardware or software. This application is based on three basic three principles that include aligning …

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Aceproject.com – Powerful Project Planning Software,Now Rejuvenated

Ace Project

Looking at project managers these days, you have that security available to you once you figure out how the company or business works. You can easily hire a project manager or take the certification yourself, which takes time, effort and money. Ace Project was looking beyond that when it started and, today with more than three thousand followers in their …

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6 Free Project Management Tools

Success of project is purely depends on how effective we are planning and executing the project and nothing more than that. It is not necessary to do all project management activities by manual and of course we can use pre-designed tools or applications to manage our projects. It is not that much easy for all project handling people to avail …

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6 Tips to Select Right Project Management Tool

Choosing the right project management tool can woo or boo your business dealings as these tools help you to be organized and is essential that you choose the right tools, which has the right utilities to suit your needs and the right level of security. However,the success of your project will ultimately depend on the people whom you are working …

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Projecturf.com – Manage your Projects & Tasks

The global users has many advantageous web applications where one could facile in utilizing valuable savors. This web application has got all required features to assuage the global users. It helps to manage projects where it is regarded as powerful project software for entire online project management needs. You can utilize this wholly from anywhere. It also deals with all …

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