StarDroid – Science Fiction Game

Stardroid Webapprater

StarDroid is a 2-Dimensional science fiction game developed and made available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices by Krauss and Boll Software. In fact it is the software’s second popular application after Corli application was released and made available by the software based in Kiel, Germany. It is categorised as a brilliant action and adventure shooter game based on …

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Sudoku free – Paper-Free Sudoku

Sudoku Webapprater

Puzzles are meant to take away the peace of your mind and then you fight to take it back. So in a way, they train you for perplexing situations when your mind would normally stop working. But a puzzle is useless when it stops confusing you. If it becomes too predictable, it means we need a new one to keep …

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Word Be-Gone : Educative Game for TimePass

Word Be Gone Webapprater

I am huge fan of word games, ranging from Scrabble to Boggle and everything in-between. Word Be-Gone takes the concept of Boggle and word searches to a whole new level. I only stumbled upon the game but it looks like it may have just been released. I truly believe this game will take off as more people become exposed to …

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Pins and Needles : Casual Yet Addictive Game

Pin Needels Webapp

An amazingly addictive and fun iPhone app that revolves around a simple spinning wheel puzzle game, Pins and Needles is a great pastime, be it to counter boredom at office or at home. Pins and Needles is an inventive new iPhone App available on the iTunes Store, with a unique concept and a recreational game that is really engaging and …

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Enjoy your time with the latest gaming app Fluttabyes

Fluttabytes Webapprater

Are you in love with puzzles, but have got tired playing all the old games and now looking for something fresh? For you here is an excellent option, the Fluttabyes that is sure to give you full enjoyment and make a part of your everyday life. Fuel your puzzle solving skills and enjoy the excellent graphical representation with Fluttabyes. This …

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Zeroed Out : Easily Un-Answerable !!!

Zeroed Out Webapprater

If you like puzzles, you’re going to love this new iOS app called Zeroed Out. It has been developed by Seema Datar and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 6.0 or any later version of the OS. This app has also been optimized for iPhone 5. Zeroed Out is a very well crafted mathematical puzzle …

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Why You should try out the ViViDe Poker 2-iPhone App?


The ViViDe Poker 2 iOS iPhone application is one of the latest creations from MJ GARAGE Inc which was designed for entertainment purposes. With a size of 56.7MB only this application can easily be installed into your iPhone. It is compatible with iOS 7.0 and can work excellently in iPhone, iPad and also iPod touch apple devices. It is also …

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Modern Words – For Crossword Game Lovers

Modern Words 2

Modern Words is a new, free to play app for ios devices consisting of various word games falling into three categories: Anograms, Crosswords and Word Searches. Within each category lies several subcategories, each with their own difficulty or subject matter to keep redundancy at a minimum. The Anograms category consists of three different game modes. Puzzle Mode gives you five …

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Candy Breaker- All about candy and challenge

Candy Breaker

Does the very thought of candy make your mouth water? With numerous games like Bejeweled and Candy Crush which are focused on candy, VistaCreativos has released one more. Candy Breaker, an Android app that is compatible with all devices having Android 2.2 and higher, is here to please your taste buds with sweet delicious candy again. There are candies in …

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It is fine to admit that a Smartphone interface can’t be classified as intuitive or user friendly as of a laptop/PC. The problem is the small screen which is ultimately the difference between a laptop and a Smartphone. Problem is actually two fold; if the screen is small, you can’t type quickly and watching movies is not the best experience. …

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Zappi Free- Learn Physics through Fun


Physics and the universe have long fascinated mankind. If you enjoy physics and the laws of momentum, then get ready to test your hold on these with Zappi Free, an iOS app in the form of a sci-fi game. Unlike other sources of learning, this app makes the entire process fun and exciting by wrapping it around a thrilling game. …

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Let the Cat in Free- Time to Rack Your Brains and Save the Cat


Let the Cat in Free is an iOS app developed by Eforb Games, released on June 06, 2014. It is an interesting and challenging game where you got to use your skills at each stage to solve problems with a variety of tools. Each stage is diverse and unique with a different solution. To find this solution, you must analyze …

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