Just Jumble – Challenge your IQ


Just Jumble is a very interesting and most challenging game. The name itself describes the genre of the game. Yes it’s a game of finding the actual word from the jumbled letters. It’s a common game we find in most news papers. It’s not just jumbled letters, each puzzle has a clue in the form of cartoon and some conversations. …

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Make Your Kids Learn about Room Cleaning with TidyUp

Tidy Up

Though iDevices are made for grown up customer group, who does not want to play with kids with their favorite device? That is why there are several apps on iTunes that are made for kids and you can enjoy playing them too. This time you have an app on store which is specially made for learning experience of the kids …

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dispair – A Hard Shot For Your Brain Cells


I am a big fan of puzzles and I’m happy that there are so many to check out in the App Store. While some dare to solve them to make sure that their brain juices keep moving, there are many who spend their relaxation time filling the blank spaces. But most of the games are designed at an average level …

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World of Cheese HD- Christmas Edition: Review

World Of Cheese

With the onset of the Christmas season, all of us have time to kill on our hands. If a fresh engaging game would be your choice for this holiday season, then the iOS app World of Cheese HD will sure cater to your appetite for fun. This terrific puzzle game has a lot to offer, challenging you more than ever …

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25 Days of Christmas – Holiday Advent Calendar 2013 :Perfect Day Counter Game

Free Apps

A traditional calendar application which is used to count the number of days remaining until Christmas, starting December 1st 2013. Although it’s a calendar application in the form of counter, it doesn’t stop there as a normal calendar application. It gives you variety of entertainments in the form of Mini-Games, Music and Puzzles, etc. It’s a quiet interesting application with …

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Ninja Miner : Fast Paced and Entertaining Gaming App

Ninja Miner

Mobile Games are among the mostly favored type of games by kids as well adults and teens, one of the main reasons is their convenience since these devices allows anyone to enjoy their favorite games at anytime and anywhere. Action games and games that involve adventures and seeking treasures are the preferred and are always on the best games list …

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Just 2 Words- The Magic of Words in Pairs

Just 2 Words

The concept of this game is quite simple. Each answer in this puzzle consists of just 2 words, with a variety of exciting puzzles in store for you. The words have been paired uniquely and have been put together with great pictures to serve as clues.

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Shark Greedy : Enjoy Your Time With The Gaming App


Now, there is something new for the gamers in the wallet of iTunes; the classic comic inspired puzzle-action gamingapp Shark Greedy is out on its page. This time-limited free downloadable game was awaited for sometime and now finally it is there to make the gamers glued with their iPhone or iPad. This unique app is developed by Zhao Sheng and …

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Jump out : Freedom from the Box


Jump Out is a new app for the Android platform developed by Tap TapBoom Games. It has a very simple concept that has been beautifully executed. The game involves helping different types of insects to escape or jump out from the enclosure of the four walls in a box. There are different types of fans and cogs along with barricades …

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Bin-Glo : Combining Billiards and Physics


With iTunes gaining popularity today, a lot of games and other useful apps are coming up which can be downloaded from the iTunes apps centre at the touch of a finger. A number of mobile games and apps developing companies are coming up and developing a lot of fun filled games which are not only interesting but also excellent stress …

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Love Gears : Unique Mixture of Science and Love

Love Gear

We all have seen love stories blossoming around us in movies, TV series and some lucky ones have even been a part of a true love story; something like the Twilight. But it’s always as complex as a mathematical equation with negative imaginary roots. There are lots of twists and turns and a reel story is not much different from …

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Top 10 Resolutions for Web Developers For this New Year


When a new year is round the corner, it’s time for web developers to set some new objectives and resolutions for their life and work 1. Exploration of a new Field It is useful to learn a new framework or methodology or even a new language to put into practice in daily work. However, there is need to explore some …

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