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Games that are based on stories often manage to gather interest of the players. You really want to see the end of the game when you have a mission which is not possible in the popular endless running games. One such game is Datswer which is an action and puzzle game where you will not only have to use your fingers but also your brain. Datswer is a statue which came to life as some drops of magical liquid fell on it. it is a statue in the dark cave and now he has to exit the cave in order to save his life. You are going to help it find its way out.

Datswer, presented by Javed Hosseini, is an adventure game and people have already loved its previous versions. It is a paid game on iTunes with a lot to explore and with several bug fixes in the recent version the game is almost perfect. There are 40 scenes in the game. There are acrobatics involved in the game and lots of puzzles to overcome. There are inventories to collect in the game. The joystick is the control of the game and you have to use it to perfection in order to save yourself.


  • Datswer is a puzzle game with lots of adventure sequences.
  • Datswer, the central character in the game is actually a statue in the cave. Some magical liquid fell on it and it came to life. Now it has to escape the basement by solving the puzzles.
  • There are 40 scenes in the game and each of the themes has its own difficulty level.
  • You have to collect inventories as you move ahead in the game. The inventories will help you progress further in the game.
  • Your mobile joystick is your only control in the game. Use it to perfection in order to complete the mission.
  • You can jump, crawl, run and do a lot of actions in the game.
  • There are monsters to overcome in the game.
  • The game version 0.85 is available for $1.29.
  • The game requires iOS 7.0 or later and it takes around 92.7 MB space on your device.
  • The game is optimized for iPhone 5. It is available both for iPhone and iPad.

Summary: Datswer is a game of puzzle which tests your brain skill apart from your control on joystick and keys.

Good: The game is able to create an atmosphere full of suspense.

Bad: As the game is positioned in a cave the colors are quite limited in the game.

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