Word Drift Puzzle: A Refreshing Word Making Game

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Word games and puzzles related to the game are always quite exciting. Some word games exceed the mark of just word making and they come with a target to fulfill. Word Drift Puzzle is one such word game which is a great balance between word search puzzle and 15-puzzles. It is an exciting game introduced by tmeta.com which includes 80 levels of fun.

The word drift puzzle binds you within a time limit to form each word and if you fail to make a word within the time, you fail the level. Here, you are not only going to search words from the jumbled letters displayed on the screen and move letters to the free space provided, but you also require to use the letters displayed on the first screen of each level. For example, if the text on the screen in thank god it is Friday, then you require to form words till you cover all the letters in the sentence. The difficulty increases with levels and there are obstructions of blocked and pinned letters within each level. You will get explosive letters that can make you get rid of tricky letters.


  • The game of word drift puzzle is a word puzzle where you can shift letters to empty space to form different words.
  • You can just swipe the letters in any direction. The words can be formed in any horizontal and vertical direction but the letters should be connected to each other.
  • You can form 2 letters words or longer words but when you form four letter words, you game bonus and the chance of combo increasing.
  • There are explosive letters which can be used to form a word and destroy the surrounding tiles. There are three kinds of explosive; one of them is capable of destroying the complete row and column. Use the bombs to get away from the tricky letters.
  • There are blocked spaces which cannot be used, moved or destroyed. You will have to for words around them.
  • There are pinned letters which do not vanish on one go. You need to form 2 words with the letter in the same position if you want to remove two pins from the letter.
  • There are four different categories of game, namely ‘This and that’, ‘internet meme’, ‘pop culture’, and ‘geek art’. Each of the categories has twenty levels each making it 80 levels in total.
  • Long word combo increases you score.
  • Great display and sound makes the game good to look at and play.
  • There is a leader board showing the top scorers.
  • Android users can download the 1.7.3 version of the game for free.
  • The game requires android 2.3 or up and takes only 3.6 MB space on your device.

Summary: Word drift puzzle is an exciting and refreshing puzzle game. Here, you game letters to form words within time and there are several helps to make your job easy.

Good: The game consists of numerous levels and it is available free of cost.

Bad: It is a bit hard when the levels increase but it is good that way and keeps you engaged.

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