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10to8 is an online booking system or online appointment system that has been designed for smaller businesses to track their customer appointments. It is an application that is universally loved by the companies and their clients both. The app allows users to create or update appointments as and when it is convenient for them. It comes with a web and mobile app to give users ease of use. This app not only helps you book appointments but also helps you track them and more.

Coordinating appointments might seem like an easy task. Alas, it is not. It has been an issue that has been there for as long as you can remember and continues to remain in focus. It is a huge issue to tackle. Some companies have developed solutions but none of them seem to be working well as they complicate things too much. 10to8, on the other hand, breaks down things and simplifies them. The basic idea is to build communications and appointments around time and then make them work.

The app comes with a number of small yet powerful features that set it apart and make it easy to use. One among these is the automatic reminder feature. This one, as the name suggests, sends automatic reminders to users about their appointments. This is done to ensure that a user does not forget his appointments. This saves the company time and money both. There is also an online portal where users can book and edit their appointments directly. There is a web and mobile app that makes this entire process simple for users. Businesses can also set up a public calendar that automatically updates appointment changes, ensuring that people are aware of the slots taken and the last minute ones left for booking.

While there are other apps that do the same, none of them offer two-way communication like this one. The problem is approached from the business’s issues- which includes reduced cost of coordination and no-show. This system efficiently handles both these issues. The app developers believe in instant feedback- allow people to maintain control while also allowing customers to book automatically. The whole idea is to cut down the cost of an online booking system so that your business is cheaper to run and yet runs just as well. You can invest these savings in developing your business and make it bigger and better.

Businesses can easily sync their calendars and be rest assured that everything will be taken care of for them. The app has secure data storage and bank-rate encryption to ensure privacy for clients. There is a basic plan available for free. The paid versions start from $19 per month. Downloading and setting up the app takes less than 2 minutes. With that, you can stop worrying about appointment bookings. You can reduce the cost of phone calls and also save the time of the admin. All said and done, 10to8 is a very useful app that will make the process of online booking extremely simple for you.

Good: Automatic reminders, public calendar

Bad: None

Worth Having WebApp – Try 10to8 WebApp


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