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As the technology has advanced, more stress has been given on interactive studies. That’s why, there are many new apps being discovered daily in the app store that target the education of children. But it is no fact and has already been proved that this study session is more effective. Our today’s app also targets the small age group. Let’s see how many marks it will obtain in this test of ours!

123 Kids Fun Games is an iOS app that has been developed by RosMedia for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It requires iOS 4.3 or later. The app is more like a combination of different interactive game sessions with 12 educational games designed for preschoolers. The different games include Alphabets, Numbers, Shapes, Animals, Hit balloons, etc. The overall concept is mostly the same; tap on the alphabet/number and the sound of the word will be pop out with a funny example. The games include ordering of images where after right ordering, you will hear the sound of that animal. In balloon game, you have to hit all the balloons and they will burst up. The best one was the animations with sounds which were quite funny and interactive. The app also supports for music plays with instruments like drum, guitar, etc. and how can a child leave the game when the ice cream is just about to drop in the bucket!

The graphics of the app have been designed very well keeping in sight the impact on the children. The colorful display with screen space full of different creatures will certainly make your children happy and joyful. It proves to be a company for your little ones and that’ what it was for? The animations are nice and the background peppy music fills your heart with joy. All the illustrations go perfectly well with the theme as it reminds the little ones of the little toys they play with all day long. Additionally, the simple user interface makes it easier for the toddlers to navigate themselves and play along.

The app is priced at $2.99 in the App Store. The price is a little bit high but if you go along with the no. of different games they offer, it is quite acceptable and after all, you won’t find this kind of all in one gaming app for your child anywhere else. The developers have made a fine decision not to include any in-app purchase to avoid children from buying one by mistake. The personal scoreboard and game center just enhance the overall gaming experience and will never let your child get bored.

We appreciate that the developers stick to the basics and designed the complete game without any extra-terrestrial stuff. Also, all the games are education-oriented and add to the benefit of the innocents.

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