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It is hassle free online time tracking. When time is short and time is money, you need to keep track of where it goes. If you are getting paid by the hour it is important to log every hour spent working for a customer. As professionals know; the last thing you want is to argue about hours billed with your client.

It is easy to get into because there is nothing to install. All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection. That means you use it from almost anywhere in the world and use it whenever you need. Your data is kept secure and nicely backup-ed on a daily basis as part of the service.

You have following features like Lawyers use it to track their case files, Web designers use it for billing specifications, Project Managers use it to keep projects on budget, Life hackers use it to track their time for personal and professional endeavors so that they have a better understanding of where all the time went , Entrepreneurs use it to track employee hours, Builders use it so workers can log their hours from home, and save them a round trip to the office (and a lot of traffic jam), Freelancers use it to track time which they work for their clients and Home workers use it to report their activities.


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