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Would you expect that great lessons can be gleaned from the online gaming industry which can be quite helpful for web developers? This industry has amazing product developers, relentless marketing professionals, and tireless business executives. Given their successes, this industry has a lot to offer professionals in other fields as well.

Online gambling, just like visiting a bricks-and-mortar casino, is an extremely popular pastime activity. The remarkable popularity of online gambling is attributed to the fruits of crafty product development and smart marketing strategy, all while answering with precision the target audience’s needs.

Here are three key lessons to learn from the online gambling industry for web developers on how to sustain product success across time and platforms.

1. Make Sure Your Product Connects With Different Audiences

The gambling industry offers something for everyone— different games are popular with different audience segments. It is especially true with slot games. There are hundreds of different slot games that target almost every demographic.

Younger slot machine players enjoy movie and TV-show themed titles, like “IronMan,” “South Park,” or “BattlestarGalactica.” It has been shown that mature women populate a strong audience for slots, and tend to gravitate to titles like “Lights,” which offers Asian scenery, “Mighty Sphinx,” which takes place in ancient Egypt, and Netent’s Fruit Shop slot, which is colorful and eye-catching.

The lesson here: Think of how to find a point of connection, be it emotional or practical, between various audiences and your product. You don’t need to create an actual different product for each segment of your audience. You can instead offer customization options to reach more people and appeal to their interests.

2. Provide Incentives to Start Using Your Product

What’s the incentive to walk into a casino and start gambling? In addition to the chance to win money, casinos offer their visitor a range of perks, from free drinks and vouchers for the buffet, to a ticket for the Celine Dion show or a night in a fancy suite.

What about online gambling; what’s the incentive there? This is one area in which the online gaming industry excels. Online casino sites simply offer money for folks to start playing, and again slot games are a good example of how it is done. Online Slot machines sites, like PrimeSlots offer no deposit bonus slots, which is a code name for giving money to players without even asking them to register to the site.

The lesson here: Offer some sort of incentive to start using your product. You don’t necessarily need to offer money to people for using your product, but competition is immense and there are products similar to yours. How can yours stand out? An attractive incentive can make yours the chosen one.

3. Keep Reinventing Your Product

The online gambling industry is always on top of recent trends in gaming and keeps reinventing itself by rolling out fresh and updated products. The adoption of the Internet by the gambling industry was swift and forceful. Online casinos appeared pretty early on and cemented their hold on the web. The moment live streaming became commonplace, gambling platforms started rolling out Live Dealer games where an actual person deals the game via a webcam.

The lesson here: Even if your product is performing great, never stop thinking ahead and making efforts to improve it. Always keep an eye on the latest developments in your field and how you can utilize them to refresh your product and make it even better. Staying ahead of the game and reinventing your product will help you retain your audience and share.

Keep thinking of how to keep your audience engaged and excited. It is hard to do it with a product that hasn’t been refreshed in a while. Add more features, change the design, expand to more platforms— keep pushing forward.


Whether you are an established company or a new startup, you need to control your online presence, you need to stand out, and of course you need to create an amazing product. These rules apply to everyone.

Don’t forget: You are competing against other products for the same audience. It’s true that great ideas are priceless, that’s true, but diligence and hard work are no less valuable for the long-term success of any product, as evidenced by the online gaming industry.



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