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A clear and well-stipulated strategy in business will always have a positive impact on the outcome that is ultimately achieved. In order to get a better return on equity in business, there are procedures such as budgeting, retailing, supplying and proper invoicing that need to be undertaken. Their smooth running and efficient operation may be reflected on the earnings achieved at the closing period. This is why W3B has timely come in to help different business to easily manage their businesses. Apparently, this product has been designed in a way that it not only integrates the essential components in a business but also provide management solutions in the efficient way possible.

Some of the amazing features that have been contained in this W3B app include the following:

Automated online invoicing

To ensure that different transactions are performed in a quick and effective manner, W3B has incorporated an invoice system that is operational. Besides, this invoice system has been interconnected to Project Management Systems and Sales System which both of them perform related tasks. Some of the components put in place include Send Invoice via email, Invoices per Clients, Invoices Paid/ Open or Unpaid, Print Invoices, Invoices Alerts and Cues. There is also the options that can allow the user to either save the file in PDF format or even print as a document.

How does the operation of automated invoicing does happen? Apparently, the user will create an invoice right at the W3B. The intended client can then obtain it through the email and go ahead to facilitate payment either via CC or PayPal, wire transfer or even checks. Besides, this product comes along with check books where users can save clients’ information and retrieve them when needed.

Efficient management of projects

It is always critical to keep track of the work-in-progress projects or those that are yet to start. Through this W3B app, an individual or business can understand how to capture record and document relevant data into the system. Besides, issues relating to outsourcing of human resource and efficient communication with the stakeholders are properly catered for in this app. Another interesting thing is that W3B app can facilitate proper payment to the members of your team or staff, how to supervise on work besides developing different budgets, invoices, schedules and expenses incurred in the projects.

Actually, this app works in an engaging and collaborative way that brings all the stakeholders closer; this includes contractors, partners, creditors and even employees.

Easy tracking of sales with Sales/CRM Module

One will discover that this component contained in the W3B is a core factor in ensuring that all the sales records are kept intact and constantly updated. W3B is committed to ensure that the business is running smoothly in a simplified manner. Essentially, this module gives the user absolute power to get direct access to different units that are found in sales department, for instance, Leads, Estimates, Territory Management, Customers, Contact, Campaigns and Opportunities. Actually, everything is brought just close to the user’s fingertips and made much easier. With just a single click, all the needed information is availed.

More so, this W3B app has some pros and cons that can be identified. They include:


  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Efficient and saves much on time
  • Great performance demonstrated by its accuracy level
  • Everything availed in a single platform
  • Convenient to use


  • It may incur inconsistency in performance if not properly used
  • Low accuracy level may affect its operation


In summary, W3B app has come out as an effective tool that can be applied to business and stimulate great performance and expected results. Its positive feedback from its users clearly states its essence and the need to download it. One can get it on App Store or Google play. Indeed, it is worth downloading!

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