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The digital age has seen a huge spike in the number of small online-based start-ups. Given the wealth of opportunity that the global economy and digital market represent, there has never been a better time to start a business. You can run a business just with a laptop and a good idea, but people still need advice and guidance.

Tapping into both gaps in the market, the business apps were launched, and the newest to hit the newsfeed is by none other than one of the UK’s top-tier entrepreneurs, Reuben Singh.

Who is Reuben Singh?

With this kind of app, personality is important. Thanks to shows like The Apprentice and Dragons Den, the uptake of it is largely related to who it is created by. No one wants to download the business app of someone who isn’t successful, so it makes sense in this review to tell you a little about who Reuben Singh is.

At the age of 19, Singh launched his first business with £4,000 of savings. A small kiosk in the centre of Manchester, Singh had spotted a gap in the market for combining the sale of girl’s accessories with make-up in one shop. He was one of the first to bring this trend to the market, and after huge success and nation-wide chain, he sold Miss Attitude in 1999 to reinvest in another idea.

He then founded alldayPA when he spotted another gap in the market for high-quality, UK-based call handling and telephone answering services for companies. After huge success, they now also provide a virtual assistant and receptionist service, media responses, customer service lines, virtual switchboards, and many other packages. With the current clientele figures standing at over 23,000 businesses, Reuben Singh clearly has a lot of knowledge to offer the budding entrepreneur.


With this in mind, it’s hardly surprising that the content of this app is top-notch. There’s a biography section so you can learn more about the man himself, the decisions he’s made, his downfalls and his achievements. Plus, he has a handy blog section; this is perfect for people wanting to stay up to date with the views and opinions going on in the business world, and it clearly shows he understands the always-online nature of today’s young business communities.

There are also sections dedicated to his charity efforts and his brand new scholarship programme. Seen as a large percentage of likely downloaders of this app will be young, having all of the information about how to qualify for and apply for this £9,000 opportunity is a fantastic feature.

Usability and design

In terms of the functionality of this app, I think it works for the target market. It is by no means complex, but it doesn’t need to be. It has a straight-talking tone, so a simplistic design works very well. Plus, the way that all information is broken down into digestible paragraphs works well for the mobile consumer, who are unlikely to want long reams of text that require a lot of scrolling.

If this review has peaked your interest, the Reuben Singh app free download is ready to go right now.


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