5 Tips to Boost Profits for Your House Cleaning Service by Upgrading Your Point of Sale System

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When people think of innovation in house cleaning they tend to think of new mops, or a kind of floor cleaner that gets off the toughest stains but doesn’t make the house smell like fake lemons for days at a time. They don’t tend to envision maids with high-tech point of sale systems. They don’t think that a personal, portable barcode scanner could change the way that you do business, or that anything of the sort would be applicable to people who work like that. The truth is just the opposite; a mobile point of sale system could revolutionize your business, no matter how large or small. If it’s just you out there, scrubbing because your business depends on it, this will help. If you run a company with fifty cleaning crews out and working on any given day, then this could really help you. There’s a lot to be said for upgrading to a mobile point of sale system.

Help Avoid Delinquents

Generally, there are two ways people pay for their cleaning service. They can pay beforehand and hope that you’re going to do a good job or they can pay you after you’re finished, generally when they receive a bill. Most people don’t like to hand cash to a worker because they’re afraid that they’re going to get ripped off; the worker will take the cash and then claim that they never got paid. It’s not fair that people would assume such things about them, but that’s the world that we live in. However, most often workers aren’t the ones who end up owing money.

If you have a problem with delinquent invoices, you know what a pain this can be. You or your workers already did the work, but the bills that you keep sending are met with no response. This something that a mobile point of sale system like Shopify can help avoid. The clients can pay with a credit card that never leaves their hand, either tapping or swiping so that the card reader can make a payment. They can add a tip and sign off all without ever having anyone else touch their credit card. There’s no way for the worker to steal anything, and it puts pressure on clients to pay up right away. If they refuse and demand to be sent a bill, you can be prepared for trouble long before it actually happens.

Get Your Workers to Rely More on Tips

When paying digitally, the average tip rises as much as 12 percent, according to Bon Appetit. This means that your workers can see their take-home pay grow drastically without you having to do anything. Why is this good? Workers who get great tips are happier on the same salary or hourly wage for longer, because they can rely on getting a little extra income that doesn’t even come from you. That’s great news for you!

Make up a Cheat Sheet with Barcodes

There’s a good chance that your business already has cleaning packages. If you make up a laminated list of services with a barcode next to it, your worker can scan the proper items in front of the client so they know that the cost is accurate. This is the same system that elementary school libraries are adopting, and it proves that this simple system is effective according to Elementary Librarian. The more work that can be taken care of by your workers is less that you or your office workers have to deal with.

Less Human Error at Every Step

Accuracy is the biggest improvement that comes with using a barcode scanner and a mobile point of sale system, according to Small Business. Human error is where most mistakes in a company are made, and it’s hard to cut down on them because no one does them consciously or on purpose. Using a mobile POS system can cut that sliver of human error down to a nub so that you can have more positive customer interactions and a smoother business experience over all.

Look More Professional and Modern

This last point has nothing to do with how you actually work and everything to do with how people perceive you. People are getting used to seeing mobile point of sale systems in coffee shops or restaurants, but they’re not yet common in other forms of business. If you’re one of the first that they see they’re going to identify your brand with efficiency and innovation even though mobile point of sale systems have, at this point, been well tested and are already widely used in other industries. You get all the perks without having to go out on a limb.


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