6 Must Have Web Apps for Students

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With recent advent of technology in the mobile computing, students have started to rely on this technology for their studies more than before. This means there are going to be developers working sincerely developing applications that will be useful to make life easier for them and more technological classroom sessions. Here we are going to discuss such applications that will make life easier for students and some of the common applications that come handy and will save on paper and environment.

1. Postica Stick It!

This is an alternative to sticky notes and students who are fond of using sticky notes will love to use this application, and I would do so personally for this application has some advantages than many of the other similar applications. These advantages will include that using this application you can create a number of sticky notes, attach them anywhere on your laptop display screen, do more than taking notes like uploading photos and pictures, share your sticky notes with your friends and family (which means you are going to help others with their chores too), tweet and iGoogle them. This also means that you can access them from anywhere and from other computers too!

Download: Postica Stick It

2. CreativePro Office:

This is a very useful business application that comes at no cost, with a range of web-based management tools. Some of the features of this tool will involve the presence of office dashboard, project manager, invoices and expenses, group calendars, and much more, all of which are helpful for students to manage their studies. This is a self-hosted tool, which means this will have enhanced security.

Download: CreativePro Offic

3. Bubbl.us:

Bubbl.us is brainstorming software that makes life much more simple and easy, that you need not get confused with what you have brainstormed on a number of papers. This software application will help you keep your work during brainstorming sessions more organized and some of the other usefulness of this software will include availability of multiple sheets,integrated help system, organize work in folders, drag and drop sheet sharing, crash protection, SSL encrypted connection and many more, all of which will only do good for you.

Download: Bubbl.us

4. Awesome highlighter:

This is what I will call as a perfect ecofriendly and time saving application. This application comes in handy when you are doing your assignment, you do not have to take printouts of web pages and highlight the important points, and this, in addition, saves your time by preventing the need to read the document for the second or third time, to highlight the important points. You can use this application to show others your highlighted version of the web pages. All you need to do is to insert the web page addresses to click highlight the page, select the text that you want to highlight, click done when you are finished and copy and paste the new url generated to be sent to your email.

Download: Awesome highlighter

5. CollegeRuled:

This is an application that can be used to design color coded class schedules, class room message boards, and create the outcomes of various group discussions, chart out your assignments and much more to do. In my opinion, this is a very useful application that you can keep updating as you go through the rest of the year with your home works and assignments without the need to prepare them fresh everytime.

Download: CollegeRuled

6. NoteMesh:

Students know what their needs are much better, and for their needs they themselves have developed software which combines a set of notes for a particular class, especially when the tutor conducts this as two sessions. This group used software can be updated by anyone in the group and is very easy to use.

Download: NoteMesh

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