7 Fold Operations with FreshBooks

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Your account related problems now have the right solutions with FreshBooks bringing the most convenient accounting tools that can not only make you create your invoice but also help you track time, create projects and estimate a number of things. The web based application is supported by the cloud system which makes it convenient to work with, from anywhere and at anytime. The application is packed with features to make it convenient for professional use.

Easy to Create Invoice: Invoicing is quite easy with the system as all the stored data can be taken into account and invoice can be generated automatically. The timesheet you store and the timesheet you receive from the team members will be taken into consideration while making the invoice. So, you don’t require spending hours to determine the actual amount as the system will do the calculations.

Easy to Create Staff Accounts and Contractors: You can create separate system for the contractor by determining their task pattern and rates per hour. Choose staff and contractor from people page and mention the details to create a new contractor. You can create the user id for the staffs from the same page. Choose unique user id, password, and contact information for your staffs and you will be able to track time, expenses, and run reports from the available data.

Excellent Time Tracking System: FreshBooks comes with a time tracking system that is easy to operate and understand. The time tracking system comprises of timesheet, projects, tasks, team timesheet and invoice generation. Your staffs will have a timer which can be started and stopped to ensure proper time calculation. The data will be directly visible on your account, so you will not have a single confusion.

Timesheet Management is Easier Than Ever: The timesheet management has become quite easy with Freshbooks. You just need to select the day of work, and choose the task that was assigned, enter the hour along with the note, and your timesheet is ready. Timesheet can display time by month, week or day.

Create a New Project with Just One Click: In order to create a new project, you require going to the time tracking tab and select project. Now choose new project and enter the required details. The details include the project name, name of the client, billing method, selected staffs, billing rate and some tasks so that you can track time against those tasks.

Manage Your Resources: The software provides you option to manage your staffs in the best possible way as you can always get to know about their work through the automatic timer.

Boon for Small Businesses: The simple methodology of FreshBooks can bring a fresh new change to your small business. You can arrange your available time in a way that it saves money. The system also makes the work paperless and numerous things are done on one go. This saves time and money and provides a better allocation of available resources.

FreshBooks comes with a free trial for one month which will work as a tutorial and at the same time provide you a great idea about the system.


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