7 Minutes Pro App : Its True, Just in 7 Minutes !!

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7 Minutes Pro Workout is an everyday application that helps one do the Whole body exercises either in just 7 minutes or any time that is set. The application is compatible with devices running iOS 7 and above . After downloading the 7Minute Workout application to the iPhone 5S , the interface is a welcoming one and runs just smoothly without the device hanging . I downloaded version 3.0 from iTunes and so far haven’t encountered any bugs . It has a complete new User Interface unlike the previous version.

After doing the 7 Minute Workout in real , it feels awesome. The application has well inbuilt features . One of the most important is the Activity Log . The Activity Log helps in keeping track and records of how the exercise has been running all through since starting the workouts . It has also helped in tracking the unblocked successful sessions over time . Another amazing feature in the application is a Customized Workout . This has helped many times in case of the number of rest times , cycles to do and the exercise interchange. It’s a great app since one can edit and adjust the workouts as preferred . This makes it unique even in the market . It also features Workout tutorials in form of Videos that helps much to follow along , and comes equipped with detailed videos.

he tutorials guides one and shows the remaining time untill the Workout is complete . In addition it works both in Landscape and Portrait Mode which helps to rotate the gadget to any angle . It also features a wide collection of Videos in the database to ensure one has all workouts to try out and one can pause and resume according to the pace one is comfortable with.

It has an extra new feature whereby one can control the Workout using the Apple Watch . It’s compatible and works just fine. It also features a weight management counter . Mostly used it to track on how many Pounds I lost over each Workout . It’s a weight tracker. It also interested well with the in built health app that that tracks the calories burned per exercise . It’s amazing.

More in this application is that it has most of the different languages installed . This helps to switch between languages one understands . It also comes with fitness tips . This fitness application tips helps one to know what’s right and wrong while doing the exercises. It’s a new way to enlighten the trainees especially for we the first trainers . It also keeps records of things like the heights and also come handy with charts to ensure that one monitors the progress of the workouts graphically . This is especially useful when one needs to compare some records over the other. The application has a strong engine to do all the synchronizations without crashing.

Lastly the most beautiful and energising feature is the Daily Motivation I get from my application during the Workouts . It’s a true partner when it comes to achieving new goals and acts as my personal trainer. 7 Minute Workouts are just enough and its more than the community gym. It’s a nice application.

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