7dayz : A Real-time Location Based Social Sharing App

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The 7dayz is a real-time app that allows users to discover real time things the happen nearby them. It encompasses a global trending feature which shows various things trending globally, in addition to unique and extremely exceptional photo edit tools that cannot be compared with other apps in the iPhone or iPad app store.

App Description
The 7dayz is a real-time app that utilizes location-based network to showcase visual stories, including stories that are trending now as well as within the last one week. The free mobile app enables users from across the globe to discover and share interesting stories, moments and adventures with each other.

This application comes with plenty of features, which make it a standout amongst the prevailing marketplace of photo-sharing apps. The new app comes with the ability to browse popular and interesting stories from the previous seven days by location, topic or connection.

Better manage your personal milestones and events
With this app, you can select from more than 50 pre-defined life moments in order to better manage and classify your personal events and milestones. Besides, it comes with an incredible selection of filters as well as photo editing capabilities such as text layers. This, in combination with other impressive features, puts 7dayz app in the top rank when it comes to making a massive impact in the social community.

For instance, you may choose to classify your pictures by pets, food, and family. This way, you will be able to access them rapidly from your picture gallery, particularly whenever you wish to review your pictures.

Capture, Organize and share real life experiences
7dayz app allows you to manage and share your adventures, memories and interests like never before. It does not only involve posting pictures, but it really involves sharing “real” life experiences through visual stories that are gathered and discovered via moments.

Connected Stories based on Moments, Places & People
With this app, iPhone and iPad users will have the capacity to organize their life moments and journeys effectively, since the app connects people, moments and places. For those who have not seen the new app, you will realize that at first the app seems like any conventional photo-sharing application. However, with a keen and cautious look, you will realize that it comprises many features that traditional photo-sharing apps simply lack.

Add Moments to create Beautiful Memories
The app allows you to modify ordinary pictures into striking memories that are absolutely worthy of sharing with the rest of the world. It lets you add your location details before tagging your close friends and family—allowing you to share a complete story full of beautiful memories to be treasured.

Other features include:
– Edit and improve stories by utilizing the best image editing tools; giving all your favorite pictures a unique and professional touch.
– Intuitive navigation
– Ease of use

Discovery in 7dayz app is absolutely multi-dimensional, fun and hassles-free. You can discover lots of interesting stories from the people you follow, and from places and people near you. In addition, the app allows you to discover more splendid visual stories from global trending now and daily global top from the last seven days.

Bottom line
The 7dayz app is indeed a revolutionary application in the entire photo-sharing world. It allows you to plan and organize your life moments as well as journeys more effectively. With this app, you have all it takes to learn more with the discoveries and experiences of the people you follow. Its ease of access alongside impressive browsing capabilities will help you to better manage and improve your pictures using image editing tools—enabling you to share pictures that are worthy of showing the world!

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