ABC Galaxy : Do You Want To Learn the Alphabet?

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The Old Way or the New Way?

In the “Olden Days,” learning the alphabet was with those edge torn flash cards. The cards and the manual system worked. That was then and now is now.

We are in the 21st Century, and it is quite common to see very young children being taken around in their strollers with a tablet in their hands. There does not seem to be an age restriction to kids getting their own tablet for enjoyment and now, with Apps, they can learn the alphabet and the language.

As well, many schools are now going electronic and high tech, with classrooms being outfitted with all the latest gadgets and it is only time before any learning situation is covered off with an App.

So, grab the tablet and download the ABC Galaxy App to help the young ones learn the alphabet.

The Galaxy App 

The Galaxy App has been released by StudyCat Ltd and is one of a long line of StudyCat Apps focusing on learning situations for children.

StudyCat suggests that “learning the English language has never been so much fun for kids,” and they have something there. The App is colourful, it has action to hold attention and clear voices to help the young ones learn their alphabet.

Theme Of The Galaxy App.

The Galaxy App is based upon a space travel theme and presents the letters A to F with ten levels of difficulty, and 42-word groupings in the free App. To expand this to the full alphabet, with 208 word groupings, and 42 levels of difficulty, you can buy the full version of the App for $4.99, which is less than the cost of a language book bought in the Olden Days.

How To Play

Downloading the free Galaxy App only takes a few seconds. It opens to a blast of colour and space sounds, with planets floating in space. Click on the planet with the ABC’s and the game starts.

Looking out into space, the App asks the child to identify the first letter of the alphabet, the letter “A”. There is a pointer at the bottom of the App that is rotated to shoot a fireball at the A. In an explosion, A is eliminated and the App announces the success.

Then it is on to recognizing groups of letters and taking them out with the fireballs when the App identifies the target.

The second sequence is looking for the letters in simple words. A new screen is introduced with the letters of the alphabet moving about, along with various words that begin with the letter. For example, for the letter “A”, there are the words, Apple, Ape and Alligator. Shoot them down with a fireball and move on to the next letter.

The Review

The ABC Galaxy App is a simple format, but highly effective way for young children to learn their ABC’s. No more flashcards for the kids. Only 21st Century technology, and fun with an intergalactic theme of action, of colour, all designed to stimulate concentration to learn the alphabet.

The free version of the ABC Galaxy App presents just enough challenge to wet the appetite and the full version at $4.99 is a great buy for keeping the kids entertained while learning their alphabet.

A great choice to download the game and jump in to buy the full version.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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