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Looking at project managers these days, you have that security available to you once you figure out how the company or business works. You can easily hire a project manager or take the certification yourself, which takes time, effort and money. Ace Project was looking beyond that when it started and, today with more than three thousand followers in their email-newsletter alone, Ace Project has become one of the top-notch web based project planning software.

They have gained so experience from feedback, that they have rejuvenated the website by adding a new interface, ways to make the website look young, with more features such as multi-project tabs, multiple search boxes, filters, speed and a lot of options for a business in need. Web applications have definitely taken over the market by improving businesses. They are also useful because they’re easy to access and they are quickly synchronized as the documents are uploaded which make it even faster and easier to access for anyone.

Users have provided great feedback upon the new interface, saying that they have tried many other programs and Ace Project has proven to be the best. What does Ace Project offer that others can’t? Their home page has everything accessible because there is a lot of information to work on. Project Management stands out the most for their user assignments in which you can have multiple people working on a project, task statuses, priorities, costs and other features that can be shared amongst your employees, making it easier to get the message across. Document attachments are definitely something that every project management app must have and Ace Project takes it one step further. Ace Project keeps a history of uploads as well as changes made to the project, which leaves no room for confusion. It also contains folders, sub-folders and the ability to upload 15 documents simultaneously, which really gives the user many options. If you want to keep someone from deleting your files, you can easily lock them with Ace Project, marking the file as read-only.

The famous Gantt charts are also made available to everyone as well as project templates to keep people from rewriting the same tasks for different projects among other things. Time tracking is another option that just makes Ace Project shine because you can track your time manually or automatically, sending it to the project manager for approval and payment. Expense tracking allows users to easily track down and approve pending payments and also see a history of where the money goes. If you are working with a team, you have an internal inbox as well as a discussion forum which makes it much easier to communicate.

What looks great about Ace Project is that it looks fresh, organized and well rounded, which makes it much easier for current project managers or companies who need to have some sort of control over their projects as well as the features. The possibilities are pretty much endless for anyone who learns the ropes of this web application. The application is pretty much easy to use, easy to learn and easy to navigate through. Be sure to stay on your toes for constant updates on the site because Ace Project has incredible new features on the market such as their mobile application which lets users take control on the go, from anywhere in the world over an internet connection.

You also have the ability to perform remote access and data import/export, which is definitely useful for teams or individual users. Pricing depends on the amount of users, active projects and tasks and storage options. There is always a free option in which you can try out the program before you actually spend on the membership that fits you best.

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