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Hosted packages along with self hosted Intranet packages offered by AceProject can assist managers with different tools for managing different tasks. AceProject is a project tracking software that is web based, providing a better means of planning for managers, irrespective of the size of the project. Both single individuals as well as large multinationals can make use of this app for efficient planning with the suite of applications. They can do the consultation or modifications of any task for a project by finding the task within seconds and using filters for quick searches and isolation of specific tasks. All the parameters and criteria for tasks can also be searched by using reports. For instance, managers of projects can check out the keywords or any dates and also receive reports of changes made to the assigned task through email.


  • Anyone on the team can have a complete overview of the task at hand, as the software helps the person reach the incomplete task page when the project is opened. They can then identify the pending workload on the project and also view the completed tasks in another window.
  • Management of tasks becomes easy, as there are characteristics, such as the task number and details along with the summary available.
  • All features of project management, such as assignments for the users and tracking of completed tasks are offered. Ganatt charting is also provided.
  • Users can manage documents using file locking or versioning and share the documents with others, either wholly or partly.
  • AceProject assists managers in timesheet management as well, by which they can track the amount of time spent for a client.
  • Users can also track different types of expenses with the tracking module provided for expense management.
  • Users living in different time zones can also easily collaborate with one another in real time while working on a project, thereby increasing efficiency.

The Good

AceProject helps managers to manage their projects more efficiently. It is very easy to set up a hosted package, which can be done within a matter of minutes. The framework of the project is readily available and you just need to enter information related to the project. The website also offers excellent support and a proactive infrastructure.

The Bad

It is a cloud based app and, hence, the response for any commands given could be slightly slow when compared with an onsite application. New learners will have to go through some learning of the basic steps in order to make use of this management system.


AceProject offers an easy and manageable means of project management for small, medium as well as large enterprises with a sophisticated suite of applications. The app offers benefits of efficient project work flow using a web based suite. The hosted packages are available in the free version as well as paid ones, with the costs depending on the number of users. It can be used by all managers for handling tasks and projects as well as for general business activity, thereby deriving the benefits of an efficient system for managing the work flow.

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