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A game with full of colors, fun and not just this, with the implementation of science is a treat for every user. The goal that is to be fulfilled in each level of the game is that, the player has to launch the paint blobs into the bucket by having the last paint blob match the color pattern that is created onto the face of the bucket. While doing this the player has to solve the puzzle of each level and at the exact same time avoid the traps that can fool them and create a hindrance in completion of the task.

At first place, reading all this might sound quite easy but as the game proceeds the user has to solve the puzzle faster and enhance his creativity with the mixing of colors.One touch controls help in aiming the shots past the trap that’s tricky.Initially it is extremely difficult to proceed with the different level of game but as person plays it a few times the brain gets adaptive to the problem solving techniques. The game does not only have ample amount of level ranging from 1 to about 120, it also gives the player an incentive to unlock development tools to create their own custom made levels. The players then can share their creations with other user who are playing this game, creating a community that can challenge each other to see who can be most creative with the amount of limited tools that has been provided to each of member of the community.

With so many levels to play, the game gets extremely addictive really fast but with games like this with require requires extensive problem solving skills, it is a great thing for the user to keep on playing it constantly. It trains the brain to find out solutions more effectively and therefore leaves a positive impact overall. It also enhances the creativity of the user by allowing then to create their own level, This feature increases more indulgence and makes it an interesting investment of time by the user.

– Can create and trade levels on your own- Unique and a lot of fun.- Gets more challenging with each level.- Builds problem solving skills.- Keeps you engaged.


It does not have the best puzzle that can make the puzzlers playing this game compulsive.- Some of the times the whole thing gets a bit too busy, and a bit too fiddly.- Few times while playing, the game gets clunk when it should sprint.

As a whole the game is spot on and deserves a lot of credit for a marvelous implementation of game play by bonding a puzzler with platformer.It is full of colors, difficult level, mind boggling puzzles and everything that can keep a user engaged. It is a great source to educate young minds about the mixing of colors via a fun acitivity. This game for sure needs to checked out by every user to travel a place full of spikes, buzzsaws and seemingly impassable walls that block your way.

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