Add New Shape To San Francisco Map With Cutetown San Francisco

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Gone are those days when maps were only available on textbooks. Today, the world map is available online and thanks to the satellite and improved technology you can zoom in to the road and the specific building. However, all the building seems to look similar, a grey box with varied sizes. To modify the way you look at the map and enhance your map viewing experience, Cutetown Ltd has introduced Cutetown San Francisco. This is a unique app currently applicable to the areas of San Francisco which lets people modify the look of the building on the common map. Here, you can pick up any building from the roads of San Francisco and give it a 3D shape.
Cutetown San Francisco is applicable only on the buildings located in the area, but you can be located anywhere in the world. You require just an internet connection and an iPad to use the app, and there is no need to be an expert in 3D graphics. Just take the shape of the building that you feel would be appropriate and you can start making it look more and more similar to the original one. Once you are done, you can place the building on the map and people will see it. There are various crafting options available and you may just remember your childhood days of playing with building construction toys. This will change your San Francisco map viewing experience.

Cutetown San Francisco is a 3D app which gives 3D shape to the buildings.
• Here the crafting of the buildings is quite easy with the tools provided in the app and the changed building will be visible on the map.
• You can collaborate with other players while changing the look of the buildings. You require an internet connection and the journey is going to be fun filled.
• The app is going to make the maps nice and simple and it is quite easy to navigate.
• The 3D editor is easy and simple and anyone can use it.
• The models you make would be part of the high detailed maps of San Francisco.
• There would be author names visible with the app. So if you are creative, you will be acclaimed by others.
• As a bonus you will get a map of Stanford University campus where are details are provided with high resolution graphics.
• The new version added two perks and dives.
• Badges and push notifications make this app even more interesting.
• You will get an easy tutorial to start up the process.
• You can sign your building and make people note that it is yours.
• The app is currently available only on iPads and requires iOS 5.0 or later.
• The version 0.3 of the app takes 82.5 MB space on your device.


Cutetown San Francisco is an app that changes the buildings of San Francisco on the maps and makes it look more beautiful and cute than ever before.

Good: This is a free app with great graphics and 3D visuals.

Bad: This app is limited with its area only covering San Francisco. To make it little more interesting new areas should be included.

Worth Having application – Download the application


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