Agar-agar: Easy to learn, difficult to master

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There are two categories of iOS apps- the ones with high graphics and the simple ones. While the former might get you hooked for a short while and have you in awe of the graphics, it’s the latter that will get you truly addicted. Agar-agar is one of the games of the second type. It is the kind that will get you hooked from the very beginning.

Just anyone who likes to exercise their brains occasionally will love this game. That’s exactly what it is. The game concept is very basic- so basic that it will grow on you. You are just a single cell on an agar plate amidst many others. Your aim is to grow and do so fast. This is to be done by consuming other smaller cells around you. At the same time, bigger cells around you might try to consume you. Watch out for these and keep growing!

Keeping a track of all the cells around you is the real challenge. All cells are growing rapidly. A small cell might become bigger than you before you can even imagine. As the game progresses, the speed of growth of all the cells also progresses. If you are not able to increase your speed too, then you are sure to be eaten up by one of them. Keep an eye out and keep up with the speed. That’s the only way to survive this game.

The game graphics are very easy. So easy that they will not take you over a few seconds to learn them. This also implies that everyone who plays the game will learn them as fast. If you wish to stand out and win, you must master the controls. Although this sounds easy, it is indeed the hardest part of the game. The simplicity is what will get you addicted.

Each time you play this game, your sole competition is yourself. Getting better at the game over time and with practice is the way to go. As it is so simple, you are sure to get hooked for hours on end. It would help to have a multiplayer mode to add to the fun. There are a lot of improvements that the app can undergo. Word has it that the developers are still fixing bugs.

Agar-agar is a highly addictive game that you just have to try out. You can play it just anytime and anywhere to kill your free time. Once you start playing it, you’ll begin taking time out for the game before you know it. Developer Valery Stepanov has released the game in the App Store for free. It is compatible with the iPad, iPhone and the iPod Touch having iOS 8.0 or higher versions. At present, it is available only in English. There is also an in-app purchase of $0.99 to remove ads for those that want to make the most out of the game. This is indeed one game that will get you hooked before you even know it.

Good: Easy to use

Bad: Only single player mode available

Worth Having App – Download the App


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