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Getting good quality leads is the lifeblood for organizations, but it can be difficult identifying contact information of prospects. With Aggregatur, you can supply targeted lists to companies for a good fee.

Aggregatur is a lead generating software that assists you in serving your clients more efficiently ensuring more profits. The software allows you to provide customized leads, wherein you can offer them basic CRM solutions or a branded system. You can have total control over the charges for the generated leads and the billing with integrated payment systems, to enable automatic credit card payment from your clients.


Need for the Service

Leads are like gold, as you need them most importantly for selling your products or your services. However, with Aggregatur, you can sell leads to your clients and make profits. With Aggregatur, you can offer clients different methods to find the best leads or contacts for their business, such as email marketing, social media marketing and so on. It can help your client make the first contact after which they are likely to buy the product or service from them.

Targeted Lists

With the help of this software, you can promote your client’s products and services and can provide them with a great marketing tool. Many institutions, such as insurance agencies, educational institutions use them for online marketing and the use is predicted to increase in future, especially in service-oriented business. It helps you produce targeted and qualified leads, which in most cases results in an increase of conversion rate of visitors into customers for the client. The leads generated can be easily targeted to the niche market of each client and the client only pays for the sales leads that he wants.


Ease of Use

Aggregatur is easy to use while trying to create client accounts and managing them. After creating an account, you can also add additional options. Charging clients through Aggregatur is very simple, as you have complete control over the choice of billing them for the leads supplied. The software allows you to produce different pricing levels and also fix the information to be sold at different levels. You can even fix the price for each lead and the number of times the specific lead can be sold. Any amount of data from the contact can be delivered to the client. On the other hand, you can even limit the contact information by checking specified fields in the system.

Cherry Picking Options

One great feature about Aggregatur is that it allows you to enable your clients to ‘cherry picking’. You can select fields and enable your clients to have a preview before they buy the software service. Once the client approves a particular purchase, you can deliver the other fields. If you wish, you can disable the option for a particular pricing by not checking any of the preview fields as well.

Billing Options

You can create a default billing for the whole account or select them for individual customers with the help of the Default Account Level Pricing in the Reselling section of the settings. There is a lot of flexibility in billing customers, with both automatic and manual billing. Both default pricing as well as tailored pricing is possible. The payment integrator processes the payment automatically.

With these and other attractive features, Aggregatur offers the perfect business opportunity for an automated lead selling software service.

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